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Everybody hates being stuck in waiting rooms forever, but you can choose to deal with it in many ways! In this situation, are you more a Barnaby (chill and composed) or a Chapel (dramatically frustrated)? I’m more of the sit-silently-and-secretly-count-down-the-seconds-in-anguish type. Check back next week for part 2 of Chapel and Barnaby’s haircut adventure!
I'm more "It's time? Uh, right, I was waiting . . . coming, coming, let me just put the bookmark in . . ."
Purple Library Guy 8/12/14
Ha ha!
 Emma  8/17/14
Ha, that's cute. I wait like Barnaby, chill and composed--as long as I have something to read. If I don't, I go into Chapel mode!
GG 2/28/14
Always have to have something to read!!
 Emma  3/9/14
Hiya, Miss Emma, I was wondering if you saw this article about a 4 year-old fashionista? I instantly thought of Chapel when I saw it!

nefarious dr o 2/28/14
Yes, I saw it on the facebook page where you sent it! So amazing. I'm impressed by that girl's designs -- she and Chapel are kindred spirits!
 Emma  2/28/14
Oops, forgot you can't put links in. the article I saw is on the geek-girl website "The Mary Sue". I'll figure out a way to send it to you.
nefarious dr o 2/28/14
hey emma, i also enoy drawing cartoons. whats the process you go through?and what do you use to draw?
dangerkiwi 2/27/14
Hi! My process is pretty simple. I do a small sketch of each comic first (a "thumbnail") to get an idea of what's happening in it. Then I pencil it all on printer paper. For inking, I lay a sheet of transparent tracing paper over the drawing and ink it with a Copic Multiliner felt-tip pen. Then I scan the lines and put them into a program called Adobe Photoshop, where I color the comic digitally. And that's it! Let me know if you have any other questions.
 Emma  2/28/14
thank for the reply! thats helpful for me
dangerkiwi 3/1/14
A friend of mine introduced me to the best game for waiting in lines, etc. ever: She imagines everyone is secretly a spy, and then tries to figure out their story from there. Whenever I try it I have to work really hard to keep from laughing out loud.
Nefarious Dr O 2/23/14
That sounds fun! ^^
Miss L.S.P 2/26/14
Oh, I love that! I'm going to try using it from now on.
 Emma  2/28/14
I'm sort of in between.... In hair salons I like to look at those hair style books they sometimes have. Seriously, there are some strange styles out there! So it all depends on where you're waiting.
Bonzelle 2/22/14
Ha ha, you're right -- there can be some totally weird styles!
 Emma  2/28/14
I'm lucky that I don't have to get haircuts because I have no hair. But my cat Amy Meowhouse goes to the barbershop around the corner everyday and spends the whole day with the barber and her customers. She loves it there! She loves all the attention from the customers! Some even brings her treats. We often leave the house together in the morning like if we both have individual jobs. If Chapel was at Amy's barber shop she'd keep her company. Who could be bored with a nice cat keeping you company.

BTW - ! was at a toy show last weekend and saw something that reminded me of my all time favorite Chapel line so I bought it for you for a birthday gift and it is in the mail right nw, Keep yur eye on your mailbox. I hope you like it. :)

Sam Tweedle 2/22/14
I love the stories about Amy Meowhouse, she seems like such a character. And it's true, you can't go wrong with a cat's company! Wow, I'll keep an eye out for the gift -- thank you so much Sam.
 Emma  2/28/14
I have a 3DS and am not afraid to chat with random strangers. I am okay in waiting rooms.
Miles 2/22/14
That sounds fun!
 Emma  2/22/14
Yeah I'd probably dread it secretly and wait until it was over, maybe complain occasionally......I would probably bring something or use something to entertain me, though.....
Miss L.S.P 2/21/14
Yes! I usually bring drawings if I know I have to wait, so it's fun!
 Emma  2/21/14
I encountered this exchange a couple of years ago:

"I pity the introvert at a party."

"I pity the extrovert in a waiting room."

oddment 2/21/14
xoq ǝɥʇ ǝpᴉsʇno ʞuᴉɥʇ ʇ,uɐɔ oɥʍ ǝsoɥʇ ʎʇᴉd ᴉ
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/21/14
Ha ha...
 Emma  2/21/14
"Before you can be eccentric you must know where the circle is."
oddment 2/23/14
That makes sense. Chapel would probably be the life of the party, but I'm not sure if Barnaby would enjoy it...
 Emma  2/21/14
It's the chronicles of Chapel, so we don't normally see what's going on in Barnaby's head; he may just be more patient and less fidgety (being 18... when he was 11 you show him doing the "are we there yet" thing in a car). But I'd read that an introvert literally thinks differently when nothing's going on (you can see the difference in a PET and MRI images), so the exchange I quoted stuck with me.
oddment 2/23/14
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