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In researching this strip, I discovered there is an entire plethora of articles online about weird Japanese inventions, mostly from the 1980s. Among these include a toilet-paper-like headgear that allows you to dispense tissues to your nose, a 360-degree camera that consists of various Polaroids strapped around your head, and a mouth shield with a lip-shaped cutout to enable perfect lipstick application. Can you spot all of these inventions in Sam Smith’s office? And, for those 70s TV fans out there, I’ve snuck an homage to an obscure show into the first three panels (suggested by my mom – who dubiously claims she “didn’t watch much TV.”)
And here I thought it was a Doctor Who joke, after the episode with Martha in it. (Think it was season three.) Either way, Brilliant!
Cdguyknit 3/13/14
Thank you!
 Emma  3/15/14
The decor in the office is hilarious! If I ever redo my room, I'm keeping that in mind!
ilovepie81 2/19/14
Ha ha -- the "interesting knickknacks everywhere" method is definitely quite valid.
 Emma  2/22/14
Coona leroise 2/9/14
No, there isn't one...?
 Emma  2/16/14
Ah yes, Chindogu, or un-useless inventions, I see either five or six on the bookcase. They're pretty hilarious.
Yes! I didn't know that's what they were called, but now I know.
 Emma  2/16/14
Wow! That office is really something! i would totally like to live there!
Isabella 2/4/14
I know, it's a great office!
 Emma  2/7/14
erk. I watched that show when I was in high school. Yes, it was okay, but then I had too much homework to really pay much attention to it. Very nice!
dolo724 2/2/14
My mom said it wasn't the best show, but she DID enjoy it...
 Emma  2/7/14
Ahhh!!! Weird decorations.....!!!!
I like how she says, "My standards are low, man"
Miss L.S.P 2/2/14
Yep...they ARE low!
 Emma  2/7/14
I didn't catch the reference (My TV knowledge is dreadfully low) but I was struck by a few other things.
Mainly: Your vocabulary and writing skills are very very advanced! Not sure why that jumped out to me this time, but wow, this reads like something written by someone a good 10 -20 years older. I'm highly impressed!
Nefariousdro 2/1/14
Oh, thank you so much! I usually keep things written in a pretty chatty and informal tone on Chapel, but in real life, my friends always joke that I speak like a grandma. It's because I use a good deal of antiquated expressions and turns of phrase!
 Emma  2/1/14
I can definitely respect that, I have a fondness for very old phrases and words that rarely (if ever) get used, I sometimes say that I collect them, after a fashion. It's actually fun to come across ones you've not heard before, isn't it?
I LOVE the reference to Alias Smith and Jones. Such an obscure show. Nice.

Chapel's father's office looks a lot like my office at work. I have shelves of action figures on the walls, Andy Warhol prints, Mexican marionettes on my filing cabinet and a Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll beside my printer. As a result I have meetings in the board room because I found that people I was talking to found it to distracting and while I was trying to talk to them they were to busy looking at all my stuff. :D
Sam Tweedle 2/1/14
Somehow, drawing this, I thought to myself: "Sam is going to get this reference." And I was right! That's such a neat story about your office. We have David Tennant cutouts and action figures in a lot of rooms of our house, but not to that extent.
 Emma  2/1/14
BTW - I don't know how "obscure" Alias Smith and Jones is exactly. It was a pretty big hit at the time, but when one of the lead actors, Pete Duel, who played Joshua Smith, died in real life just after the first season aired it was cancelled instead of having his character recast despite a big fan following. A really sad story and tragic end to a very talented actor. :(
Sam Tweedle 2/4/14
Actually, I recall that he was replaced very soon after. (I loved that show, especially how their reforming was keep a secret.) Pete Duel was replaced by Roger Davis and the show ran for 3 yrs total.
Eric 3/13/14
Lol nice reference ok show
Yarin 2/1/14
I've never seen it...
 Emma  2/1/14
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