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Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! If you are spending time with your loved ones this holiday, I hope you’ll consider showing them this comic.
Hey! I read about you in Kiki and have been checking on Chapel every week since then! I was looking at all your comics and i love this one! BTW, when will your next comic be out?
starrywood 1/10/14
I read about you in kiki too!
(- _ -) 3/18/16
It'll be up later today! Please check back. I'm so happy you read about my comic in Kiki and have been checking in! (PS, if you bookmark this comic in your browser, it'll keep linking to the same strip instead of refreshing to show the most recent comic).
 Emma  1/10/14
Ohhh, Thanks! I just commented on your latest
starrywood 1/10/14
Love this! When will the next one be up?
NarwhalGirl 1/3/14
I'm putting something up for New Year's soon. Updates have been a bit sporadic because I'm on winter vacation and needed some time to recharge.
 Emma  1/4/14
Julie 1/3/14
Thank you!
 Emma  1/4/14
Hm, I've been gone for a long time, but I guess I just couldn't stay away. I have a lot of catching up to do now. Hope no one missed me too much though or more rather that there is anyone around still who actually remembers me...Now if only I could remember where I was. :/
blaidd drwg 12/31/13
Also, Happy New Years! May your next always be better than the last.
blaidd drwg 12/31/13
Thank you, you too! 2014 is looking pretty good for me so far.
 Emma  1/4/14
I remember you of course!! I'm so happy you're back and I hope you continue to enjoy Chapel.
 Emma  1/4/14
Happy New Year!!!
Viv 12/31/13
Thanks -- for you as well!
 Emma  1/4/14
What could *possibly* go wrong?
Million Mask Man 12/29/13
Ha ha, it could certainly be frought with error...
 Emma  12/30/13
Henry Ng 12/27/13
 Emma  12/30/13
Emma, you are incredible. I stumbled on your website at stone How did you get the idea for the chapel comics?
I found her while reading an article in my Kiki magazine!😄😄😄😄
Arteimis1010 12/30/13
Wow, really? I'm so glad! I love hearing how people find my work.
 Emma  12/30/13
Thank you so much!! My inspiration for Chapel...that's hard to say, because coming up with ideas is very natural for me. I take inspiration from observing other people, from animals, and from the general experience of childhood!
 Emma  12/30/13
Merry Christmas to you and your family Emma! Sending all my love and loyalty. Did you get the little package I sent out to you?
Sam Tweedle 12/26/13
I did -- expect an email about it soon! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, Sam.
 Emma  12/30/13
We hold to the opinion that Rupert should go on the top of the tree. We have a hedgehog puppet on top of ours!
Kathleen & Suzanne 12/24/13
Aww, really! That's so cute.
 Emma  12/30/13
So Cool! Happy Holidays everybody!! ^^
Miss L.S.P 12/24/13
Yes, happy holidays!
 Emma  12/30/13
nice gif Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/23/13
Thank you Taxil!
 Emma  12/30/13
I love it! Happy holidays to everyone at Chapel Chronicles!
Simply Me 12/23/13
Thank you. Happy Holidays to you and your family as well!
 Emma  12/30/13
This is adorable! I am spending the holidays with my family, and I will TOTALLY show this to them!!
Isabella 12/22/13
Ooh, I hope they like it!
 Emma  12/30/13
Super cute!
Miles 12/22/13
Thank you!
 Emma  12/30/13
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