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Well, we’ve returned to the Treehouse Book Club in a most disastrous manner as Barnaby completely mangles any fairy tale he touches! The hat Chapel’s sporting in the last panel is an extremely subtle homage to Season One – can you guess how?
I cannot stop laughing!!!!
whippedcream 4/5/14
I'm so glad!
 Emma  4/13/14
That's hilarious! Barnaby definitely NOT one of the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christien Anderson. Poor Chapel!
ilovepie81 2/19/14
I know! He's terrible at the fairytales!
 Emma  2/22/14
i went to a charity fundraising concert tonight and i think i just met your Musical counter part Miss Emma. She's an accomplished and super talented harper in my city's symphony orchestra. A FULL SIZED harp to boot! those are big instruments. She's even your age as well. i am starting to wonder if your parents had twins and gave your twin away Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/23/13
Wow, that's interesting!! The true test would be if she were petite and with green eyes/brown hair, though ;) That would make up for me, though, since I'm pretty mediocre in the music department.
 Emma  12/30/13
Cey 12/20/13
Ha ha! The Fairytale Defense Squad will come after Barnaby, no doubt.
 Emma  12/30/13
Wow! This is such a great conclusion to Chapel's mixed-up "fairytale"!
Isabella 12/19/13
Thank you -- I had a lot of fun with it.
 Emma  12/30/13
lol Nice move, Barnaby...
Also love how you drew the first three panels. :)
Simply Me 12/19/13
Thank you so much!! It was SUPER fun!
 Emma  12/30/13
Barnaby, oh Barnaby *sigh*
Oh well, at least he isn't adding light sabers and guns....^^
Miss L.S.P 12/18/13
Yeah, that would be a bit much even for Barnaby...
 Emma  12/30/13
HAHAHA! I was wondering where this was going. I love it.
Andy 12/18/13
Thank you!
 Emma  12/30/13
you're late! but yes, barnaby messed this one up badly. however, i do like the shoujo style of yours Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/18/13
Thank you, it was really fun to do it and inhabit a different style for a while.
 Emma  12/30/13
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