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Stay tuned for the continuation of this comic next week! What could be going on?
i LOVE the way you drew her hair!!
coco 12/12/13
Thank you so much! It was very fun to do.
 Emma  12/16/13
Wonderfully drawn. I think Chapel is getting her fairy tales slightly out of sync. Perhaps a refresher course?
Andy 12/11/13
Ha, well, you'll have to see next week...
 Emma  12/16/13
It's...beautiful! Love the hair especially...long and flowy, just the way it was intended to. Classic story with a "Chapel" sense of flair!
Viv 12/10/13
Thank you! That's exactly what I wanted to express...
 Emma  12/16/13
HOLY. CRAP. That is awesome. How did you- how in the- you drew that? That is amazing!
whippedcream 12/10/13
I'm so happy you like it! I really enjoyed drawing this week's strip.
 Emma  12/16/13

Miss Emma goes away for two weeks for hoildays and work and when she comes back. BOOM! Shoujo all over the place! where did you get this idea Miss Emma?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/8/13
sorry Miss Emma, i don't have twitter. so I have to reply here. Wait till you find the part of youtube/internet where woman say sexist things about men, black people say bigoted things about non black people, and god help you when you stumble into the parts were islamic hard liners slander non islamics. The internet has some dark and evil places i hope you never find.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 12/12/13
You'll see next week! I wanted to incorporate the literature Chapel enjoys in a more visual way.
 Emma  12/16/13
This is so funny! The hair is so pretty, and I love Chapel's "Wait, uh, I don't think that's right." ;-)
Isabella 12/8/13
Glad you like it!
 Emma  12/16/13
Like the style! And her hair.... ^^
And then she falls in love with the beast!
Miss L.S.P 12/8/13
Jk that last part was a joke......
Miss L.S.P 12/10/13
I got it
coco 12/12/13
thanks, it looked weird after I read it.....
Miss L.S.P 12/14/13
Ha ha! I'm really happy you enjoy it.
 Emma  12/16/13
Yay first comment! I like the fairy-tale style you used.
GreenPony 12/8/13
/) great comic this week
Yarin 12/9/13
Thank you!!
 Emma  12/16/13
I'm so happy you like it!
 Emma  12/16/13
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