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If there’s one thing that you can count on cats to do, it’s to NOT live up to expectations! From Mrs. Mayer’s intense pet care routine, Chapel expected that Fluffy would at least be a little bit more active. (Although having an un-dignified name like Fluffy would be enough to put any self-respecting cat into a funk). I based the coloring of this kitty on a neighborhood cat who likes to visit us, although his personality is definitely sunnier than Fluffy’s. What times have your cats defied your expectations? I can’t have a kitty, so let me live vicariously through your anecdotes!
Awesome reference. Personally, I like Rupert better.
ilovepie81 2/19/14
I would hope everyone does!
 Emma  2/22/14
I love the title! The first book of poetry I ever purchased for myself was Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot. (It's been 23 years since then:)
I also wanted to tell you that 30-somethings like me and my friends like your comic. Thanks for sharing your heart with the world.
<3 BeckyMcW 11/19/13
Aww, I was hoping someone would recognize the title! I was quite worried that it was too obscure of a reference. I'm so happy you and your friends enjoy my comic and I hope you keep reading!!
 Emma  12/2/13
She was there for a long Time...!

10 hours????
Miss L.S.P 11/19/13
a long work day can do that. I have known baby sitters to pull that long a work day.

side note. I guess Miss Emma is becoming to famous and busy she rarely posts comments in here any more.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/19/13
Hi Taxil, I was teaching a comics class this weekend and didn't get time to respond to comments until today. But I do always respond still!
 Emma  11/19/13
Well, that's what she agreed to, so that's what she has to do!
 Emma  11/19/13
Wow... okay ;)
Miss L.S.P 11/21/13
I love this comic and I had a stand offish cat, so I know what Chapel is going through. ;) On the other hand, I also had a cat (Toby) that was almost like a very mellow dog in personality. She was the sweetest most affectionate cat that ever lived and would eat ANYTHING. If you were eating it she was eating it. No food was safe from Toby. In addition, Toby's favorite place was 'between you and...'. In the middle of something important and she wanted to do was play and be loved.
Also, I had a cat who was almost human like, in that a mouse could dance in front of her and she would wait for something else to chase it. She was always a surprise. :)
Shay 11/18/13
Aww, I love cats that act very dog-like! I really love it when animals give affection, I think it's the sweetest thing in the world.
 Emma  11/19/13
i love how the last panel is darker it gave extra to the way she was feeling amazing
bibi 11/18/13
Thank you! It was also darker because it got late and the sun set.
 Emma  11/19/13
Sigh. This is EXACTLY like me and our older cat.
ME: Lucy! Wanna play?
LUCY: (hisses and bites)
Ginny Weasley fan 11/18/13
Aww, that's a shame! I wish some cats were a little more active, too.
 Emma  11/19/13
I had a cat named Lucy that hissed and bit people too!!!!
Silver 1/18/14
My kitties never live up to expectations. I have a Coconut, a Zorro, a Frowsty, and a Henry. Coconut is, well, stupid. He fell off of our couch once. Even though he's the youngest, he's the largest (in flab and height).

Zorro is second youngest, but he is the smallest. He likes to go under covers and run in the backyard.

Frowsty is a handsome fluffy black cat. He's the oldest, and lately he has been showing it (being lazy, his fur is getting brown). When he was younger, he would catch birds and mice fairly often.

Henry, second oldest, is actually female. For a while we thought she was male, so we called her Henry, but by the time we knew she was a girl she had learned her name so we kept it. She doesn't like petting unless it's from my father, who seems to be magic to her. And that's my life story.
Cheese and crackers 11/17/13
Oh, they seem like the sweetest cats! Henry seems like an absolute sweetheart--my dog Sunny loves my dad the best, too.
 Emma  11/19/13
HeeHee! So funny! I love how in the last pannel, Chapel is asleep, covered in Fluffy's toys!
Isabella 11/16/13
Thank you, I'm so happy you like it!
 Emma  11/19/13
I had two cats when i was REAL young. They were a mated pair and LOVED to go hunting for mice and any other small animal they could catch. My parents named them "Princess" for the female, and "Pauper" for the male. Both passed away long ago, but i miss them still.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/15/13
Oh, what cute names! Before my dad found out he was allergic he had two cats who also loved to go hunting and present their kill for him...much to his chagrin.
 Emma  11/19/13
Starrywood 11/15/13
Thank you!
 Emma  11/19/13
I love how you drew the cat. :)
Novelist-In-Training 11/15/13
Thank you so much, it was really fun to do!
 Emma  11/19/13
I like cats more than I like people. I have three cats at home - Fred, Daphne and Amy Meowhouse. Each cat has such a distinct personality and I have a different relationship with each one. Fred is my best pal and he has a dog like loyalty. Daphne is a little snob and only pays attention to me twice a day - she is wants to cuddle last thing at night and first thing in the morning, but ignores me the rest of the day. Everybody thinks she is the original grumpy cat, but she only I know that she is actually very sweet. Amy Meowhouse is "adopted." I had Fred and Daphne since they were kittens, but Amy was a cat who lived upstairs and was a bit neglected, so she decided she'd move in with me instead and I asked her owner if I could just keep her. She was seven years old and they never gave her a name and I had to name her. She is an outdoor cat while my other two are indoors and every morning she goes out and walks over to the barber shop on the corner and hangs out there all day until I get home from work. I often go over to the barber shop and find her asleep in the barber chair, or sitting on the barber's lap during quite moments.

This summer I had a mouse in my house for the very first time, and none of the cats would touch it. Fred, who is the biggest cat of all, went over to the little mouse and sniffed it. The mouse was petrified and stood very still. Fred stood over it for a few minutes, then looked at me as to say "Yup. It's a mouse" and walked away. It was that mouse's lucky day.
Sam Tweedle 11/15/13
As for food - Fred loves cheese and coffee. He will NOT leave people alone if they are drinking coffee and he wants some, or wants to lick out the mug at the end. If I open cheese he is right under my feet begging for some.

Daphne loves fish and tuna, but Fred doesn't like it at all so she gets all of it for herself.

I've only had Amy Meowhouse for seven months and so far she hasn't really seemed to have any odd food fetishes and just seems to stick to cat food and treats.
Sam Tweedle 11/15/13
it seems that Fred is addicted to the caffieen in the coffee. that is not good, that stuff can kill a cat.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/15/13
Oh no! Let's hope he'll be okay.
 Emma  11/19/13
My dog Sunny adores cheese, too. If you're eating something with cheese as an ingredient she's magnetically attracted to you!
 Emma  11/19/13
Amy Meowhouse...that's the best cat name I've heard!! I love your story about her wandering around the neighborhood, it's so sweet that the barber knows her and accepts her frequent visits (who wouldn't accept a visit from a cute kitty?) I love hearing stories like that one!
 Emma  11/19/13
That cat is DEPRESSED!!
I cat-sat cats once..... Never actually had one, though
Miss L.S.P 11/15/13
I don't think Fluffy is depressed as much as he is apathetic.
 Emma  11/19/13
His face sort of lights up with the mouse toy...
Miss L.S.P 11/21/13
Awww, no kitty allowed? Bummer.
Spot is an older fluffy fat white cat, who is at least ten years old. My brother has an even bigger all black cat named Ninja, who is 25 pounds, and two and a half years old. Ninja gets up to more mischief than Spot.
One day I brought Ninja over to m apartment because he was misbehaving, and I thought he could play with Spot for awhile. I let them in the small back yard (if you can call it that) to just hang out outside while I worked on homework.
Fifteen minutes later, I looked out the back patio slider to check on the cats. Ninja was hanging out in the back... Spot was nowhere to be found. Somehow, Spot had made it over the fence and was wandering about the complex.
Of course, when I used the "Here kitty kitty kitty" summoning spell, he appeared at the back fence... with no idea how to get inside. As I went around the back of the building to retrieve him, he decided instead of being got, he was going to run away, and dodge dart so that I lost track of where he went.
I returned to the front door to find him anxiously awaiting entry; he'd gone around the other side of the building after running away from me.

I would have expected Ninja to have escaped, and then try to further his escape, not Spot.
Miles 11/15/13
My dad's allergic, so I can't have one! I'm really happy with my dog Sunny, though, so it all works out well in the end. I'm glad that Spot's escape didn't end in disaster, though!! It's always frightening when animals get loose but so relieving when they make their way back home in the end. I guess you won't be leaving them near that fence anytime soon!
 Emma  11/19/13
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