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And…the neighbor who took Chapel up on her offer was Mrs. Mayer! It seems like Chapel and Barnaby aren’t the only ones with an eccentric house in the neighborhood. I wanted to draw the interior of Mrs. Mayer’s house with a different color scheme and architectural details than we usually see in the Smith family home, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. All those candles make it pretty smoky, though!
Funny how so many people assumed Fluffy was a dog. I thought for sure the Cat Loofa gave it's species away.
Lex-Kat 10/30/15
Since when did my mom get a cat?
ilovepie81 2/19/14
Does your mom have a similar personality?
 Emma  2/22/14
Vegan dog food!
Toy only on Wendsdays!!
How an Chapel keep things straight?!
Is it really possible to pet a dog only 5x an hour? That would be so sad! Poor fluffy! HeeHee ;)
Isabella 11/10/13
Vegan dog food.
Dogs are Carnivores by nature and make up.
this is clearly animal abuse! report her to the SPCA!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/10/13
Hopefully, Fluffy gets enough nutrients from mice or other things to be just fine...
 Emma  11/19/13
It's cat food, but yes! And Fluffy probably doesn't mind...
 Emma  11/19/13
I you continue with this storyline, I think this dog may turn out to be evil or something, especially with a name like fluffy... I could be wrong, though....
Miss L.S.P 11/9/13
the poor dog is likely misteated by an owner that does not how really how to take care of one. sad really.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/10/13
That's how dogs turn evil!!!
Miss L.S.P 11/10/13
It won't be evil, don't worry...
 Emma  11/19/13
It's a cat, and Mrs. Mayer is just weird, not abusive!
 Emma  11/19/13
Actually, it's probably a cat
Miss L.S.P 11/10/13
Yes, good catch.
 Emma  11/19/13
Is that a -dramatic pause- Harry potter reference ? This is where I put the weird face that dr. Taxil put yeeeaaaahh! Lol I just had to do that :)
Trix 11/14/13
No, it won't be evil, don't worry!
 Emma  11/19/13
Mrs.Mayer has a weird hobby...or obsession. O.o

Like the detail though! The color scheme and furniture gives me the feeling that Mrs.Mayer is pretty well off money wise and is elderly.
TheHappyCow 11/9/13
well, she sure does not look to be hurting money wise.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/10/13
Yes, that's exactly it with regard to Mrs. Mayer! You're quite perceptive.
 Emma  11/19/13
only 5 minutes of petting?
Yarin 11/9/13
It might be a minimum. Spot gets about that much, though not every hour. I do have school and places to be... but I do try and brush him daily. He loves brush, and it keeps his fur nice and softy, even if it should still get everywhere... oh my black dress shirts =\
Miles 11/9/13
Aww, that's so sweet! It's always good to brush your animals daily.
 Emma  11/19/13
I know -- a tragedy!
 Emma  11/19/13
And I thought MY cats were spoiled...my mom gives them avocado and coconut oil as treats, but we've never used vegan food soaked in broth or a cat loofah. (Of course, avocado and coconut make their fur unbelievably soft anyway.)
RowAn 11/8/13
Oh wow, your cats and Mrs. Mayer's Fluffy might get along quite well with their lives of luxury! I don't even know if cat loofahs exist, but if they do, sounds like your mom might invest in them.
 Emma  11/8/13
too many pets get treated poorly, but then there are others who are spoiled rotten as well. neither is good for them or us.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/10/13
Yeah, mine are spoiled rotten. They're healthy, but their manners are deplorable. And they like eating weird things like salsa and tofu. =\
RowAn 11/10/13
...and then today Squeak voluntarily consumed about a pound of pumpkin guts. That cat will eat anything.
RowAn 11/17/13
Chapel's facial expressions are always so priceless. So happy we'll get some kitty action.
Sam Tweedle 11/8/13
Yes! I'm glad to have some kitties in the strip as well. I'm really happy you enjoy Chapel's facial expressions!
 Emma  11/8/13
She really likes plants.....
And a cat loofah? Shea butter? I hope chapel gets paid well.....
Miss L.S.P 11/8/13
And she has a greenhouse...!
Miss L.S.P 11/8/13
The interior greenhouse was inspired by my best friend's house, where they actually do have that enviable architectural detail.
 Emma  11/8/13
Miss L.S.P 11/9/13
My great Aunt once had a large greenhouse and sold flowers all the time. I think she nearly had an acre of space in there.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/10/13
Yes, let's hope! I wonder what she'd do with her wages...
 Emma  11/8/13
Hats or books. Maybe some cool improvement on the treehouse?
Miss L.S.P 11/9/13
A cat loofah? Are there such things?
Not to my knowledge, but who knows? Maybe I've just come up with the next multi-million dollar idea!
 Emma  11/8/13
No, they exist, you can buy them on amazon. Sorry Miss Emma, some one else already beat you to that idea. it wasn't me however.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/10/13
Only 5 minutes of petting per hour or at least 5 minutes per hour? Important distinction, and I hope it's the latter. Spot would not be a happy kitty were it the former.
Miles 11/8/13
Let's hope it's a minimum of 5 minutes of petting...although you'll have to see next week!
 Emma  11/8/13
"Mouse toy on Wednesdays" implies NOT spoiled, and also implies ONLY 5 minutes of petting (most cats would probably want at least 60 minutes of petting per hour -- when they're in the mood for it).
KilleenWizard 11/9/13
Is Fluffy a dog or cat? Name, "cat loofah", and "mouse toy" implies cat.
KilleenWizard 11/10/13
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