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Chapel now understands just how difficult it can be to look for work – and she’s just hitting up the neighbors for pet-sitting opportunities! I wanted this strip to showcase the personalities of each person she’s talking to without showing them directly. Backgrounds can be a fantastic tool for showcasing aspects of a person and I wanted to play around with that in this comic! Next week, one of the three neighbors featured in this comic will take Chapel up on her offer to pet-sit. Do you think it’ll be panel one’s Woman Who Really Likes The Color Blue, panel two’s Bicycles Are Kind of “My Thing” Guy, or panel three’s Too Many Topiaries Lady? Discuss!
I'd have to go with topiary-lady, based on the impression that her yard might be the most fun to draw, and a house decorated by the same person has a lot of potential for idiosyncratic detail.
oddment 11/5/13
Ooh, really trying to get into my head there, huh? Well, you'll have to see until tomorrow for the final result! ;)
 Emma  11/7/13
That was certainly my intention. It's possible I ended up capturing Edward Gorey's preferences more accurately than your own.
oddment 11/8/13
Poor Chapel!!
It's really interesting how you can see the different hands of the people Chapel talks to.
Isabella 11/2/13
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! It was a lot of fun for me to do.
 Emma  11/2/13
I hope it's Ms. Blue in panel 1!
Zachary Totz 11/2/13
Though, for Chapel's sake, I'd hope Ms. Rich in panel 3 would pay pretty well...
Zachary Totz 11/2/13
Ha ha, how true...
 Emma  11/2/13
HMM everyone seems to love Ms. Blue! You'll just have to wait and see, I suppose...
 Emma  11/2/13
There's something intriguing about someone with so much of a single color...

Also, the blue nails really clinch it for me.
Zachary Totz 11/2/13
I have a question or guess-of-sorts: are you seeing the answers on who people bet it would be to decide on who will end up taking the offer? And I love the background detail!
Cheese and crackers 11/6/13
Poor Chapel. The job market is pretty tough.
Andy 11/2/13
It is - even for an ingenious 11-year-old!
 Emma  11/2/13
I love puppies
Dylan 11/2/13
Me too...don't we all?
 Emma  11/2/13
Yes!! :)
Isabella 11/2/13
I think it will be one of the women....
Miss L.S.P 11/2/13
Why? I'm curious!
 Emma  11/2/13
I personally don't think the obsessed biker guy would keep a pet.... He might be too busy biking to take care of one, anyway.... It is very much a possibility, though!
Miss L.S.P 11/3/13
I think the woman in blue will ask chapel to pet sit because the topiary lady wouldn't want a pet to ruin the topiarys and the biker might be too busy for a pet.
TheHappyCow 11/2/13
Wow, I love how much detail you put into this! Very wry observations, but I can't give spoilers just yet ;)
 Emma  11/2/13
P.S. I like the "play" on words in strip's title...
Tom 11/1/13
Thank you -- I was quite happy with it!
 Emma  11/2/13
Hmm... not much to go on, but panel 1's yard has a closed gate, which is consistent with the Woman in Blue possibly having a dog as a pet.
Tom 11/1/13
Ooh, a keen eye! I can't believe how much thought people are putting into this -- it's fun to see everyone's guesses.
 Emma  11/2/13
I tried to get dog walking accounts this way. Turned out about the same as Chapel's experience. It does seem to help your case if you can use the word "entreprenurial" as part of your opening statement.
If you can use as much business jargon as possible, SOMEONE'S got to fall for it!!
 Emma  11/2/13
Yes, although too much business jargon can sometimes backfire and put off a potential customer.
Tom 11/6/13
yea, getting a job is much like that Chapel. I once was able to walk down my street and get a job in an hour when i was a kid. Now, not so much.

sorry for not posting much, i got a head cold, i feel terrible, i'm going back to bed to sleep this off. Chapel and the rest of you, avoid others who are sick, don't even be in the same room. you don't want to get sick like me.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/1/13
Aw, Taxil, I hope you feel better soon! And yes, Chapel is getting a first look at the harshness of today's job market.
 Emma  11/2/13
Feel better soon!
Miss L.S.P 11/3/13
I considered what the background of my house could reveal about me... probably nothing until one got to my desk, which isn't so much for working at as for having a place to continuously stack books... the chair too. It's not for sitting, unless one finds a place to move all the books stacked there.
Miles 11/1/13
Looking at my room, everyone would know about me easily -- it's filled with sewing supplies, comics-in-progress, many books, and completed sewing and drawing projects!
 Emma  11/2/13
Me...hmmmm, nope, books on the desk... and boots carefully arranged about the room. I only have one poster on my wall, even. I TRY to lead a Spartan existence, not accumulate too much stuff, like to be able to throw all my worldly belongings into two large military duffel bags, and be able to be on my way at a moments notice... it's how I ended up here in New Mexico two years ago, and now I'm going to college, have a desk, and even have a poster up!
I might need a third duffel bag now.
Miles 11/2/13
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