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I wanted to have this background be a cityscape pan, like in old animation shots. At least the scenery is pretty, even if the insults to Rupert are not! And, can anyone tell me in what strip we last heard of the Hedgehog Society?
in act your age
(- _ -) 3/17/16
oh come on Hedghogs look nothing like porkypines, ferrets, or (and this is so past the line) chiuauahs. Hedgehogs are adorable wee beasties that are enterly unique
coona leroise 10/28/13
Yes, you're right, they don't look anything like those other animals! Who knows why the people in Chapel's town are so mistaken.
 Emma  11/2/13
Ferret and Chihuahua... I agree. But unless you've seen a porcupine and hedgehog side-by-side, I can see how people would think that.
Lex-Kat 10/30/15
Chapel is my hero!
Izzy (Isabella) 10/9/13
Aww! That's so wonderful to hear, thank you!!
 Emma  10/17/13
my favorite strip is the breakfeast at chapels one but of course its hard to decide p.s. I'm a huge audrey fan
bibi 10/8/13
Ooh, I love her too. I'm glad you like the Breakfast at Chapel's strip!
 Emma  10/17/13
por rupert thats how i feel when everyone thinks my maltese is a poodle FRICKIN NO ! SHES A MALTESE!
bibi 10/8/13
Well, sometimes they can look a bit similar...
 Emma  10/11/13
I love the stairs in the 1st panel! Or, what I think is the first panel. Truth be known, I love comics, but I don't know much about their... form? Arrangement?

And then there's Rupert, who seems to be a little upset!
whippedcream 10/7/13
Yes, it's the first panel. I'm glad you like the stairs, I had fun with them!
 Emma  10/17/13
Haha! I really like this one. Ps. How old are you?
Vanilla LeBlanc 10/6/13
Sixteen. And thank you!
 Emma  10/6/13
Poor Rupert!
That was a really funny strip, though!
Izzy 10/6/13
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
 Emma  10/6/13
Aw..Poor Rupert...
Viv 10/5/13
I know, right! He can't catch a break!
 Emma  10/6/13
Who is Phyllis?
A member of the Hedgehog Society, but we haven't met her before this strip.
 Emma  10/6/13
I'm sure a lot o hedgehogs egos are bruised..... Poor Rupert...
I'm sure Phyllis has to deal with a lot, haha!
Miss L.S.P 10/5/13
Yes, she probably does, as well as the other hedgie society members!
 Emma  10/6/13
I like the fact that the other people appear as bits of arms or legs, not as full bodies. I just wondered whether there should be just a bit of a trailing leg and shoe in panel three?

I also wonder if a strip could be done where all the people appear as just various hats floating in the air; after all, this could be how Chapel sees them!
Tom 10/5/13
floating hats? not the first time that has been done, but with Miss Emma's skills and Chapel's view of the the world, THAT would work! Miss Emma, just using floating hats instead of people would be acceptable then? that hedgehog Society meeting would be rather intresting then.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 10/5/13
I think I'll keep doing it the way I have been, but interesting ideas.
 Emma  10/6/13
I decided not to have anyone showing in Panel 3. And interesting idea!
 Emma  10/6/13
Was it.. Act Your Age???
Missy 10/4/13
Yes! Good call!
 Emma  10/6/13
The scrolling back grounds is a good improvement. But Miss Emma, as a suggestion, you should try out drawing other people fully. although showing some MORE parts of people is a step upwards, i still feel your comic needs to grow more and expand your artistic skills.

as to content. Yes, Chapel, there are people that ARE that low information they can't ID a hedgehog on sight. Not that a hedgehog should be walked like a chihuahua. they can't walk as fast as one or have the endurence of one.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 10/4/13
I have plenty of other comics where I draw full crowd scenes, I just choose not to do it in Chapel! I want the focus to be on Chapel and Barnaby and Rupert, without other characters invovled!
 Emma  10/4/13
i see then. well, i was worried about your skill growth progress Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 10/5/13
You needn't worry, Chapel is FAR from the only comic I'm doing at the moment! I just can't show the other(s) to you guys just yet :)
 Emma  10/5/13
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