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After tackling Lord of the Flies last week, Chapel and Barnaby are continuing on their discussion of deep ideas! Even though Chapel and Barnaby’s conversation ends on a humorous note, I really wanted to have them talking about big philosophical ideas. I think it’s important to have these sorts of conversations with people in your life. So let me pose this question for you, Chapel readers! What are YOUR thoughts on living a good life?
Love it. You do a great job with the chemistry between these two.
Andy 12/11/13
Thank you as always.
 Emma  1/4/14
Chapel's hair is so cute! I wish I knew how to fix mine like that!
Bonzelle 10/23/13
If you look up a tutorial for "Milkmaid Braids" online, you can learn how to do it! It's actually quite easy, just two braids pinned on top of your head.
 Emma  11/2/13
Chapel & Barnaby have had so many sweet moments. Meanwhile, my brother and I are pelting gel Halloween window clings at each other and stealing each other's electronic devices. I'm showing this to my brother so he can figure out what healthy sibling relationships look like. :)
whippedcream 10/1/13
Aww, that's a shame! But really, every sibling relationship is different. I'm glad that Chapel and Barnaby are a good role model for you, that's what I intended!
 Emma  10/3/13
You're totally right. And thanks! PS, my brother loved it and he thought it was really funny. Yes, I did show it to him. :)
whippedcream 10/7/13
HaHa! Thats so funny!
Izzy 9/30/13
I'm so glad you think so!
 Emma  9/30/13
Buying Hats should be number one.... just kidding! ^^
Miss L.S.P 9/29/13
Ha ha, in Chapel's world, maybe!
 Emma  9/30/13
Having lots of good friends and loving relationships is a big component of happiness according to many studies.

Material comforts, to a certain point (roughly "middle class"), prevents unhappiness; beyond this, extra wealth doesn't seem to add very much to happiness.

Keep growing and stretching yourself! Nice to see you doing that.
tom 9/28/13
Yes, I agree that friends are really important. Really thoughtful commentary here!
 Emma  9/30/13
Living a good life starts with the willingness to become aware. It starts with taking care of yourself enough so that you can do good by others. I have recently become aware of the truth of an abusive section of my past, and recently, I have drawn back from some outside obligations in order to come to terms with myself. I know that, once my mind is at peace with the truth, I will be in a better position to live well.
I think that being aware and taking care of yourself are definitely good things! Good luck on your journey to lead a more balanced life.
 Emma  10/3/13
Hehe lol barnaby "and be fabulously wealthy"
Julie 9/27/13
Ha ha, yes!
 Emma  10/3/13
An instant classic. Reminds me of a famous Peanuts cartoon -

Lucy: Why do you think we're here Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: Well, I think we're here to make each other happy.
Lucy: Well if that's the case, somebody's not doing their job.

You are wise beyond your years kid. Keep doing stuff like this. You're hitting an all time high.
Sam Tweedle 9/27/13
Oh...and my thoughts about living a good life.

Be honest and have integrity.

Avoid cynisim. It's not cutting edge to be cruel no matter what the media tells you.

Don't try to change who you are for the sake of what others around you may tell you what you should be. If you aren't hurting anyone then it doesn't matter.

Go out and LIVE. Don't stay in doors and don't wallow in the shadows. There is a giant world full of experiences and adventure and go out every day and make things happen. This is the one which I think most people need to hear.

Love yourself, love others, love animals and love nature. Avoid people who are cruel, hateful and negative. Negativity will erode you're life like a cancer.

Just a few thoughts....
Sam Tweedle 9/27/13
ever tried to use your caring, loving, and positive nature to erode their cruel, hateful, and negative traits? no matter, how bad they get, YOU NEVER GIVE UP!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/27/13
I'm glad everyone's so positive!
 Emma  9/27/13
I LOVE POSITIVITY! And Chapel and Barnaby's lovely treehouse.
whippedcream 10/1/13
We should have a compliment war ;P!
Miss L.S.P 10/1/13

Dr. Taxil Necrobane 10/3/13
You can't change people. Some people are best left alone to wallow in their own misery instead of wasting your energy trying to fix them. The key here is how to live a good life, not how to fix the world. Those people have to fix themselves.
Sam Tweedle 9/27/13
but they rarely do. and i did not say fix them. just be a positive role model.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/28/13
I think other wise to that comment from the peanuts. I believe that we are here to serve and do good things/actions to/for others. Happiness will flow from performing such things.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/27/13
Happiness and contentment are all in your head. Material wealth cannot provide for what is lacking in your heart. Emotionally, one can be starving in the midst of plenty. In winter, the peasants are warm in their humble abodes, while royalty shivers in their drafty stone castles.
XMinusOne 9/27/13
Ha ha, yes, true...
 Emma  9/27/13
in the old dark ages, everyone shivered in the old. insulation as we know it was rarely there. oddly enough, back in the roman ages, THEY had central heating in their homes.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/27/13
Update first. My Farther is at home now and is resting well. i think it's time to say the head ache is over.

onto the strip at hand.
4 simple commands that will make the whole world a better place.
1) Love God
2) Love each other
3) the Golden rule
4) Wheaton's Law

do those and things will get better. HOWEVER! Barnaby is techincaly right as well. being comfortably wealthy WILL make SOME problems go away if you know how to handle the wealth. If you are irresponsable with money, you'll just pick up more problems.

about panel 4, the prespective feels a bit off. Miss Emma, did you try to go for an over the shoulder and a top down at the same time?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/27/13
Barnaby is joking about the wealth part, but that is true. And the perspective in Panel 3 is a 3-point perspective, from above, with the framing just showing Chapel's head bent over her notebook.
 Emma  9/27/13
using that perspective is something new you're trying out right Miss Emma?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 9/27/13
I've done 3 point perspectives before! It may look different from instance to instance, but the principle is the same.
 Emma  9/27/13
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