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On a warm summer night, everyone is connected.

So, this is the last strip in Season Four! Next week will be a special back-to-school comic, and Season Five will start the week after. To celebrate, you can check out a lengthy interview I did with Sam Tweedle of Pop Culture Addict. We chat about the origins of Chapel, writing the comic, and more!
SUPER! Emma, you rock!
Izzy 9/21/13
Aww, how sweet! I had fun drawing this comic.
 Emma  9/26/13
Emma, you should totally do another contest sometime soon!
Miss L.S.P 8/29/13
Oh, that's a great idea! I'll brainstorm some ideas...
 Emma  9/14/13
This just might be my favorite one yet...
Dean 8/26/13
That's so great to hear. It's definitely one of my own favorites too!
 Emma  8/26/13
*sigh* wonderful
Miss L.S.P 8/26/13
I'm so happy you like it!
 Emma  8/26/13
when i was looking over your strip. i realized something was missing. music to play while i read it. I'm not talking about the junk they play on the top 10 on the radio. something better. I think i found the place Miss Emma you can pick one out.
here it is.

youtube dot com/user/ThePrimeCronus

i have known this guy for some time. he has something for everyone, but there are no lyrics to the music (beyond background chours and such) so there is nothing objectional either. have your folks and friends lission in as well.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/26/13
I always listen to music when I draw, so I think it's great that you listened to music while you read it! I will definitely check this out, I'm always looking for new things to listen to!
 Emma  8/26/13
good to hear you'll try it out. the fellow has tracks that last a few minets, an hour long ones, there are a couple of 10-hour monsters tracks if you have a lot of work to do. there are others in between as well.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/27/13
So...peaceful...the warm glow adds such a warm touch to it! I wished my life was like that.
Viv 8/24/13
I'm glad I was able to convey the sense of peacefulness.
 Emma  8/26/13
I'm writing this comment at the apple store
bibi 8/24/13
Wow, how neat!
 Emma  8/26/13
Sorry the name didn't come up (?) oh well :)
Biggest Fan of Chapel Ever!!!! 8/24/13
Links get blocked so that people can't spam! If you give me the name of the url without the dot com part, I can see it.
 Emma  8/24/13
Biggest Fan of Chapel Ever!!!! 8/24/13
This is just beautiful! I've learned so much from just reading the Chapel Chronicles! Please Emma, do me the honour of checking out my comics at I'd love feedback from one of my favourite cartoonists!
Biggest Fan of Chapel Ever!!!! 8/24/13
Oh wow, I'm so happy you've learned from reading Chapel! And the fact that I'm one of your favorite cartoonists is so flattering to me. I'd love to check out your comics, but you can't post links here. If you tell me the url without the dot com part, I can go to it.
 Emma  8/24/13
if you read this strip from the bottom up, Miss Emma could real easy to add another panel where a bat flits by Chapel. or even the dreaded frisbee does a dive attack on her!

btw Miss Emma, that interview you gave.. well that sounded like a big info dump. did he want to ask more questions or comments? or did he just let you let it all out so he could just record it all?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/24/13
This strip is supposed to be quiet and simple, so adding that in wouldn't fit. And the interview turned out the way he, and I, wanted it to.
 Emma  8/24/13
This may be the cutest Chapel has been in this entire comic, and that's saying something!
NefariousDrO 8/24/13
Thank you so much! I agree, I think she looks really cute in the last panel.
 Emma  8/24/13
lovely sequence here...
Henry the Turtle 8/24/13
Thank you so much!! I'm really happy with the result.
 Emma  8/24/13
Yaaaaay! Emma you are amazing and I love your work. This is a very nice ending to season 4, I think. :)
NarhwhalGirl 8/23/13
Thank you, that's so nice of you to say!!! I wanted to do a quieter, more contemplative season ending to reflect Chapel's character development.
 Emma  8/24/13
Omgosh! This page is super awesome!!!! LOVE it!
coco 8/23/13
It's great to hear you like it!!! It was SO much fun to draw.
 Emma  8/24/13
I love the summer nights because for some reason I'm more creative and not so stressed out! And yay I'm the first comment!
Trix 8/23/13
Summer nights are wonderful and calming, I agree. What's your favorite late-summer activity?
 Emma  8/24/13
I like my summer nights indoors, away from the 100°F heat and the %&*!$@# mosquitos. I saw a news article that there are more mosquitos this year.
KilleenWizard 8/24/13
the temps and the mosquitos isn't that bad where I'm at. it's the humidity.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/24/13
Reading a book or drawing what comes to my head
Trix 8/28/13
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