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This is the penultimate comic in Season Four! Next week will be the finale strip. Originally, this comic had dialogue, but I decided it worked better as a sweet and silent comic. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we didn’t even need words? What do you think?
Man I want a treehouse 😒
Emoji hero 5/18/15
This might just be my favorite!
Izzy 9/22/13
I'm so happy you like it.
 Emma  9/26/13
I love Chapel with her hair up.
Novelist-In-Training 9/9/13
Thank you! I do too!
 Emma  9/14/13
Hi - I've been more commenting on facebook but realized I should also send you a note here. Still love the comics and still reading. Also read your interview - way to nail it. Thanks for all you do.
Max_Writer 8/23/13
I'm so glad you liked the interview, it was really fun for me to chat at length about Chapel! Thank you for dropping a note here as well, I really appreciate it.
 Emma  9/14/13
Chapel has an awesome brother, I love their relationship.
That's a real fancy treehouse, too!
NefariousDrO 8/22/13
I also just noticed the cute little hard hat on Rupert, you put so many great little details like that in your comic, it makes it so worth coming back for second or third looks, just to find the thing I missed the first time around.
NefariousDrO 8/22/13
Aww, I'm SO glad! Details really matter to me, so it means extra when readers notice them.
 Emma  9/14/13
Thank you!! I feel like all older brothers should aspire to be a Barnaby.
 Emma  9/14/13
Silence, used properly, can really make a comic so much better.

It makes an interesting comic. There is no dialogue anywhere, at all. Everything is told through expressions and such!
Harrison 8/20/13
bullysbully .com

Forgot about the filter thing. ^_^'
Harrison 8/20/13
I think silence is perfect as a contrast to wordier pages. I'll definitely check out this comic!!
 Emma  9/14/13
aw! Rupert's hat is so cute!
AudreyTheDisneyGirl 8/18/13
Thank you! Chapel definitely has a set of tiny hats for Rupert.
 Emma  9/14/13
I love it!
Trix🌸 8/18/13
 Emma  9/14/13
now that i look back over this strip....
( •_•)>⌐■-■
there really isn't anything left to say.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/18/13
Good one as usual.
 Emma  9/14/13
That's super sweet :)
coco 8/18/13
Yay, I'm glad you think so!
 Emma  9/14/13
Oh Emma. This comic is so adorable that I got goosebumps. You said so much with so little. Thank goodness you didn't add dialogue. This strip is a total masterpiece and a testament to why I believe you are one of the finest cartoonists in the world today. I believe that if half the people in the comic industry could find the same joy and passion that you do that fans wouldn't be so disenchanted with the industry as they seem to be.

I want you to know that I have been very busy with work and I was also under the weather for a while which slowed down my own creative process. However, the feature I am writing on you and Chapel should be on-line tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait for you to see it!
Sam Tweedle 8/18/13
Thank you so much! This is SO sweet of you to say, I really appreciate it. I think silence, in moderation, can be so powerful.
 Emma  9/14/13
aw!!!! So sweet! I have a feeling that now Chapel will have many fantastic adventures in that treehouse. Hm, I'm trying to remember all the times Chapel's hair was in a different style...
whippedcream 8/17/13
Chapel will definitely have many adventures in the treehouse!! I'm really excited to show it to you guys. And there have been several times her hair was in different styles...
 Emma  8/17/13
Have you ever read the phantom tollbooth?
Dylan 8/17/13
i am all too aware of a police box that can go to any time and space.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/18/13
That was a good book. I should probably go read it again, it's been a long time.
blaidd drwg 8/19/13
this is so cute, i fear it'll give me a heart attack!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/16/13
I'm so glad you like it! I'm really happy with how I've developed Chapel and Barnaby's relationship.
 Emma  8/17/13
So cute ^^
Miss L.S.P 8/16/13
Thank you!! Glad you like it.
 Emma  8/17/13
This is probably the most adorable comic strip I have ever seen. Great job!
Sylvia 8/16/13
Thank you so much!!! Heartwarming things are underrated.
 Emma  8/17/13
I find I use about four times as many words as others. Whether that means I have more to say, or just take more words to eloquently express that which I have to say... well, my recent English Professor did remark about excessive verbage.

Bring on the silence!
Miles 8/16/13

KilleenWizard 8/16/13
 Emma  8/17/13
In person, I am like this as well...I can chatter on nonstop. Silence is important!
 Emma  8/17/13
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