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After this comic, there are only two strips left in Season Four! I personally think that I’m hitting my stride with Season Four and I hope to improve even more in Season Five. I’ve been setting up the gag of this comic for 10 months (ever since the strip called “The Flying Dervish”) by subtly putting the Frisbee into the tree when it’s shown. I purposefully broke my 4-panel grid in this comic in order to show a little bit more of the action with the Frisbee.

And, I have some fun news! Saturday, August 10, I’m going to do a Chapel livestream. For those unfamiliar with livestreams, you get to see a live video broadcast of my computer screen as I digitally color a Chapel comic, and you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them via a live chat function. It’s a lot of fun! The livestream will begin here at 12:00 noon, PST (3pm EST), and will continue for at least one hour, so mark your calendars. Hope to see you tomorrow!
I'm gonna miss the frisbee but yay it finally got down
Julie 8/24/13
Well, now it's replaced by the treehouse!
 Emma  9/14/13
I just discovered the Sherlock series it's good I like it
Dylan 8/16/13
It is good, you're right.
 Emma  9/14/13
Aww, I missed the livestream. :( I hope you'll do another one soon.

On the topic of the comic, HA they finally got their Frisbee back. And I think it was mad at them for never getting it down... haha.
Emily15 8/13/13
Yeah, I'm sorry I missed it, too!
Miss L.S.P 8/14/13
I'll do another one soon!
 Emma  9/14/13
how do you color your comic do you use pens crayon marker or a computer?
Dylan 8/13/13
Photoshop CS6, on the computer!
 Emma  9/14/13
Ow. How could a frisbee be so evil?
I hope I can make it to your livestream tomorrow!!!! I bet it'll be fun! ;D
Miss L.S.P 8/10/13
it was biding it's time to strike at the best opportunity to do the most damage. IT IS DIABOLICAL!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/10/13
Hah. Smart frisbee l;D
Miss L.S.P 8/15/13
The Frisbee has a few tricks up its non-existent sleeve...
 Emma  9/14/13
Miss Emma, I see your ad is still on Gunnerkrigg; that hat ad is what piqued my curiosity. :-)
KilleenWizard 8/10/13
I LOVE Gunnerkrigg Court!
Viv 8/10/13
Yep, it's still there! I'm really happy you noticed it and came here.
 Emma  9/14/13
I always wanted a treehouse, but there was never really room - vertical or horizontal - in our garden. One day, maybe. Barnaby is the best brother.
Kuab'dib 8/9/13
I've always wanted one too.... you're not alone. :/
Viv 8/9/13
I like trees. i live among them all my life. Even though they give me trouble every so often, i still like them. I think it is best if the trees are not messed with by driving nails into them to make tree houses just to play in for a short amount of time.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/10/13
Does that include not cutting them up to make boards and toilet paper?
KilleenWizard 8/16/13
I love trees, and we have lots of ancient oaks on our property, which we don't want to interfere with by putting on treehouses or swings.
 Emma  9/14/13
When I was in elementary school, I used to have a nice tall tree in the front yard, which didn't seem suitable for a tree house. In the back yard, there was a large bush which had branches suitable for sitting on for a nap.

Much later, we moved to a house which I helped my dad rebuild. The attic access was through my bedroom, and I thought of finishing the attic (with hidden panels, etc., of course), but I never did it.
KilleenWizard 8/10/13
I've always wanted one, as well, but the trees in my garden couldn't handle it!
 Emma  9/14/13
Barnaby, you're such a light weight, letting a frisbee knock you out of a tree.

yes, getting out of the 4-koma set up is another good progress into a better drawing skills Miss Emma.

If I'm not working Miss Emma, I'll try to drop in on your live stream.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 8/9/13
Don't underestimate the power of Frisbees! My sister played Ultimate for years, and not a season would go by without at least one teammate (and sometimes herself!) getting seriously hurt.
Frisbees can be sharp, plus he was in a precarious position.
 Emma  9/14/13
It's good, because many a reader has noticed and commented on the Frisbee. Nice and consistent set up!
Also, I learned that Frisbee is a proper noun tonight, and has come to be used much how Bandaid and Q-Tips are used interchangeably in the USA for adhesive medical strips and cotton swabs respectively.
Miles 8/9/13
Lol adhesive medical strips reminds me of invader zim
Dylan 8/9/13
Thanks, I'm glad you picked up on it as did other readers! Good set up is key.
 Emma  9/14/13
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