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Chapel loves books, but while her heart may be in the right place, she needs to learn a little bit of sharing! I purposefully left the titles on the books blank, so you can imagine which books you think Chapel would be holding. If you grabbed some books from a free book sale, which ones would you pick? If I had the opportunity, I’d go for some big comic compendiums.

Next week I’ll be in Vermont for a summer comic camp at the Center for Cartoon Studies, where I’ll be able to have fun creating comics with a bunch of other students! I’ll be having class each day, so comment responses may be a little bit slow, but I’ll try and get back to everyone fairly promptly.
I imagine her with a couple of books she won't fully understand, but she'd read again when she's older. I remember reading To Kill A Mockingbird when I was 11, and not actually getting the book until I was 12, and know it's one of my favorite books!
Yes, that definitely feels like something she'd do!
 Emma  7/27/13
This reminds me of me. Sometimes my library has book sales where the books are $1 or fifty cents. At the last one, I was walking around holding about fifteen books when the librarian yelled, "Okay, it's 12:00! Everything's half off!" I was like, "SWEET! That means I get 4 books for a dollar!" :D
And I owe the take-one bring-one shelf at my church about twenty books too.
RowAn 7/12/13
It's funny, I would never do what Chapel's doing in this comic...I limit myself to one or two books so that everyone can get some!
 Emma  7/15/13
Ah, Ms. Chapel, we are truly kindred souls. Our local library maintains a used book store where you can buy books of all kinds for pennies on the dollar. Needless to say, I haunt the premises and when I have read all of my discoveries I usually return 90% of them to the store and buy another batch. It helps the library and provides me with hours of reading pleasure.
XMinusOne 7/11/13
That's so nice of you to not only buy the books but return them later! I try to support local library systems if I can.
 Emma  7/15/13
Sneaky sneaky little Rupert and Chapel....LOL
Viv 7/9/13
Yes, they are sneaky! Although Rupert is just an accomplice.
 Emma  7/15/13
Hey Emma,

Just wanted to tell you that I love Chapel's facial expression in panels three and four.

I'd like to think that she has some Truman Capote and John Steinbeck novels in there, and a beat up copy of Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen, although the content is way to mature for her and a jumbled mess of a narrative but she'd keep it around her room in an attempt to look older and sophisticated. I'd also like to think Chapel likes Leonard Cohen music. Oh - and the complete works of the Bronte Sisters.

Have a grat time in Vermont! Hope you're having fun.
Oh...by the way. That comment was left by me.
Sam Twedle 7/9/13
I'm glad you like the expressions! She probably would have a few books lying around that she can't quite understand yet, but would HOPE to be able to read, even at eleven.
 Emma  7/15/13
same chapel
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/8/13
this is exactly what i would do if i could grab as many free books as possible :) a couple of weeks ago i went on a book shopping spree and spent about 60 bucks in one go. it was worth it, though, as i can read around 300 pages in 4 or 5 hours. i get through books reeeeeeeeeeally fast.
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/8/13
Oh wow, that's a lot of books! I get through books super quickly, too, which means my teachers have to assign me a lot of reading to fill a certain amount of time!
 Emma  7/15/13
Hee hee!
 Emma  7/15/13
The Rule of Funny trumps many laws in California when it comes to fictional works. Besides, the books were being given away for free, which means the library didn't want them.

Of course, the unrealistic parts about this strip are a) other people aren't there picking over the books as well, and b) the library isn't seeking to make a dollar or fifty cents off each book.

My small city recently held a multi-day book sale, and I didn't drop in until the middle of the last day. They were already folding up shelves because those shelves had been picked pretty clean. I still managed to find a couple of books to buy.
Oarboar 7/7/13
My church runs a day care center inside the church's property. It's an inner city and it gets most of the kids in there from poor or struggling families. Ergo, the day care does not have the budget to get books for the kids to read on it's own much at all.

So when my county library has a book sale, I head over there and buy up arm full of used kid books real cheap. every other Friday my family and I go over there and read to them one of those books and give it to the day care center along with some snacks.

those kids are every so happy to see us.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/8/13
That's very kind of you. I just hoped everyone was like that. Not too greedy and wealthy at the same time.
Viv 7/11/13
That's so sweet of you! I used to volunteer and read books every week at a local preschool in a not-so-great area, and now I teach free comic workshops to kids in the Mission district of San Francisco. I love giving back to the community!
 Emma  7/15/13
I wanted to imply that there were more books inside, which is where most of the people would be. Chapel's not picky, so she was just going for the books outside that nobody wanted. The library's pretty large, so it's likely overstocked for Chapel's city (which I imagine as being mid-size, but not huge).
 Emma  7/15/13
Lol if my mom saw me do this she would kill me
Julie 7/7/13
I see my last post was deleted. In thinking back on it. maybe it was too harsh, and I'm sorry about that Miss Emma. I was rather in a steamed mood at the time i wrote that. I don't think it's proper to get into what led up to it here. I repeat that I apoligize for that post.

But it still brings up something I had been read up on off a NBCnews web site about Tiger Moms. Yes, here in the U.S. i think mostly we have been very lack in instilling discipline in to the younger generation. But over in the Asien part of the world (china, japan, korea, etc) it's 180 degree opposite to what we have here.

I know well enough that Chapel is just a fictional person created by Miss Emma. But a life that Chapel lives would be immpossable in those parts of the world. even worse, the creative works and loving family Miss Emma has made and exprienced would never have happened if she lived over there.

It's a lot to think about and it was all sparked from such works that Miss Emma makes.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/8/13
Working in retail (Gamestop) when I was younger, I saw kids behaving in ways that just wouldn't have been tolerated when I was growing up.Talking back to their parents, not sharing the demo unit with their younger sibling (hitting them when they tried playing), wrecking up the place just for fun. My parents would kick my butt if I did that.
Furthermore, in University now, having to tutor some kids in General Psychology, and the lack of caring, or thinking they can just slide on by without studying because they're on the football team... sometimes I worry about this generation growing up. I have to pay for my schooling, I am going to get straight As if I possibly can. Yet so many others, they just put stuff off and then complain that they had to stay up all night the evening before to finish their work and wonder why they didn't earn a good grade... when we've known about the paper for six weeks. The really sad thing, these aren't just kids that do it. Some are 30+ years old, and they still don't seem to get it.
As for myself, I plan to be Summa Cum Laude if I possibly can achieve it, burn out or no. I'm taking this summer off because of some degree of burn out, but I am going to get my Bachelor's in Science, I am going to transfer and I am going to at the very least get my Master's degree. Maybe even a Doctorate if I can take that much more schooling.
I don't have a Tiger Mom, I am just a Tiger. Also, I was born in the year of the Tiger.
...but yeah, it is sad to see that many kids seem to lack discipline in these here United States now. At least Chapel means to READ the books, not just take them, then go somewhere and destroy them or do something else with them. They will (eventually) get used.
Miles 7/8/13
Dear Taxil, please don't fret. I can safely say this strip is meant to be over-the-top for laughter. We buy many of Emma's books (and clothes) from local thrift stores and then, a few years later when she's older, we donate them back to thrift stores or give to a loving home.
Marie 7/11/13
 Emma  7/27/13
I used to read like that when I was younger. Getting older seems like I can do less with the time I have, and must make sacrifices to do the things I want... for example, do I want to read this new book? Play this new video game? Watch the movie I bought and haven't seen yet?
And whatever it is I choose, it takes me ever so much longer to do that thing! (I usually choose to do those things in that order; read, then game, then watch.)
Miles 7/6/13
That's what always happens as time diminishes once you get older. It's great that you still take time to read, though!
 Emma  7/27/13
Isn't every day Free Book Day at the library? :)
Harrison 7/6/13
Only if you are signed up and have a card with them.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/7/13
Technically yes, but in this case you can keep the books. At the very least, there's no late fee.
LOLcat 7/12/13
Not necessarily, in this case you can actually keep the (presumably remainder) books.
 Emma  7/27/13
That's probably what I would do if our library had a free book day :)
Trix 7/6/13
Ha ha! I won't tell! ;)
 Emma  7/27/13
Yes, chapel does need sharing lessons.... But it's Chapel, so....
Miss L.S.P 7/6/13
It's more like Chapel's parents need to instill IMPULSE CONTROL IN HER!

We already know that she knows she's becoming a Hoarder. Or even worse, Chapel might start showing signs of Kleptomania. Alright Barnaby, please show up in the next strip and stop her. PLEASE!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/6/13
It's meant as hyperbole or it wouldn't be funny!
Marie 7/11/13
She's not showing signs of that, at all. She knows she's doing something a little extreme but it's intended as hyperbole to show how much she truly loves to learn.
 Emma  7/27/13
She knows how to share just fine, she sometimes forgets is all....;)
 Emma  7/27/13
yay i made first comment
bibi 7/5/13
Yes, you did!
 Emma  7/5/13
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