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Clearly, Chapel needs to brush up on her train-taking skills. Reading the signage is important! Barnaby probably should’ve driven her the whole way to their Grandma’s house, no matter how excited she might have been to take her first solo train journey. This is a situation that’s just begging for a Big Bad Wolf to pop up!
. . . Where's Rupert?
Peanutsfreak 6/1/14
You can't take pets on trains!
 Emma  6/3/14
Aw, geez. I was expecting a whole story arc out of this! Ah, well.
Oarboar 7/7/13
Well, I wanted to leave it open-ended how Chapel got back home.
 Emma  7/27/13
I love the purple seats! Oh gosh, chapel's doomed! Stay strong, chap ol' buddy! You've survived worse!
whippedcream 7/5/13
I'm glad you like the purple seats!! Purple's one of my favorite colors, and I don't use it often enough in Chapel.
 Emma  7/5/13
*jumps out window*
*is caught by bald eagle*
*waves american flag*
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/4/13
Ha ha!
 Emma  7/5/13
Happy Independence Day every one! I hope you are enjoying yourselves, and be careful with those fireworks!

as for me.... my town is flooding from all the rain and i fear i might have a couple of my places will get swamped.

Man, I hate holidays....
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/4/13
Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!
 Emma  7/5/13
I had to take the Metro for the first time today and this kept popping into my head. Also, I had to walk to the station and I nearly got lost twice. Then later when I was trying to get home I got REALLY lost and somehow wound up in Barnes and Noble. :D But the employee gave me directions and then I was fine.
RowAn 7/2/13
Well, it's really good to take public transportation, so I'm glad you did it -- even if you had a few hiccups along the way!! :)
 Emma  7/5/13
I just wished that there was a beach scene in this comic....Emma would make it look FAB!
Viv 7/1/13
Well, there was one back in Season Two!
 Emma  7/5/13
Hmmmmmm....I wonder what Emma will do for July 4th! Hmmmmmm....
Viv 7/1/13
well, I'm sure to have a rainy, water logged Independence Day. (looks outside) this is one of the wettest summer i have seen in years.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/2/13
I know right? AND IT's SUPPOSE TO BE SUMMER!!!
Viv 7/2/13
I have mushrooms growing all over my back yard from all this rain. it has never happened like this before. (and no, they are not etible)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/3/13
Viv 7/3/13
Aren't you gonna pull them out?
Viv 7/3/13
that is what they want. it spreads the spoors that way. Besides, they just regrow from all the wet satuated ground.

Oh yea, i'm waiting for those mushrooms to become Power up and 1-ups Mushrooms.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/3/13
Miss L.S.P 7/5/13
I didn't do much on the 4th besides make comics...
 Emma  7/5/13
Aimesville; huh, should be called Aimlessville ... Looks like the land that God forgot. Poor Chapel, I bet their only taxi's a 58 Edsel.
XMinusOne 7/1/13
Ha ha! Yes, she really got herself stuck in the middle of nowhere...
 Emma  7/5/13
Sorry I just heard about the news, but wow! That's all I can say, just-wow. Congratulations on getting into Dark Horse, and being the youngest cartoonist ever! I bet that's a big milestone for your cartooning "career," and I look forward to hearing more about it! Congratulations again; you have a true talent and I can see great things for you in the future!
Simply Me 6/30/13
Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me that you wrote this message. I'm really excited about Dark Horse and am so happy with all the positive attention that the issue has been receiving. Thanks everyone!!
 Emma  7/5/13
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 6/30/13
It has felt like forever since you last replied.....
Miss L.S.P 6/30/13
it has been i think it's been since september i
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/1/13
omg, really?
Miss L.S.P 7/1/13
yuuuuup i missed you guys so much omg

also taxil is still here oh my goD
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/2/13
(Agent Smith voice) Harry Potter. Welcome back.

anywho! glad to see you're still around and kickin'!
where have ya been to all this time?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/2/13
i've been busy being a high schooler basically hee
i just missed you guys too much...since it's summer again, i knew i had to come back :)
god i love it here we have so much fun
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/2/13
We missed you!!!!
Miss L.S.P 7/2/13
Also notice how we haven't seen clockwork wombat in a long time
Trix 7/3/13
Hum, the wombat is deed missing.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/3/13
i think i left before the wombat uh
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/4/13
I think about that occasionally.....
Miss L.S.P 7/4/13
YOU'RE BACK!! I'm so glad!!!!
 Emma  7/2/13
the other day i just suddenly thought about you and everybody else and i just knew i had to come back and check in! also yoU'RE IN DARK HORSE???? OH MY GOD???
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 7/2/13
Today, she's in dark horse. tomarrow, world domination!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 7/3/13
Aww poor chapel I would have probably thought that all hope was lost if it were me
Julie 6/30/13
Sorry accedently put my nickname
Julie 6/30/13
Ha ha, yeah...luckily she's an optimist!
 Emma  7/5/13
Heh. Doesn't matter how old you get, this can happen to everyone...and it could be a lot worse. When I made my first trip to Los Angeles I was staying in Hollywood and was supposed to take a train to a place called Claremont to meet a friend of mine at the Starbucks. Instead I got mixed up and went to Compton. Let me tell you, there are no Starbucks in Compton. For those who don't know, Compton is one of the most dangerous areas of Los Angeles, where most gang violence takes place. I was pretty freaked out, but I got on the next train and back to Hollywood without any incidents. I never did make it to Claremont. Chapel should be safe, unless a group of coyotes show up...but then I'm sure she'll have a plan.
Sam Tweedle 6/29/13
Wow, what a story! That just highlights the importance of reading train maps. I'm sure Chapel will find a solution to her problem, though!
 Emma  6/29/13
from what i know of Compton, count your self lucky you were not shot before you got out of there.

Well if a pack of 4 legged coyotes showed up, Chapel could be in trouble. If the 2 legged kind show up, she's doomed.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/30/13
Sigh... I guess both Chapel and I are having a crummy day... I broke my leg today in the swimming pool!
AudreyTheDisneyGirl 6/29/13
OH NO! That's so horrible! I'm really sorry about that Audrey. Hopefully you can find plenty of summer activities that will accomodate your leg!
 Emma  6/29/13
Hey! Audrey! look on the bright side then, you're not dead... yet.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/30/13
Ha ha
Trix 6/30/13
AudreyTheDisneyGirl 7/6/13
(dead pan)Barnaby, you could have just driven Chapel to your grandma's place and saved everyone a head ache.

on a side note. It seems to me, that the ablity to read a printed road map and use it to get around with it is becoming a lost art. So many people are using their electronic GPS to get them around. it's so pitiable.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/29/13
He probably had to go to work and couldn't shepherd her around....
 Emma  6/29/13
He should have made time then. It shouldn't be that hard to drive there. Granted I have not been into LA myself, but it can't be THAT bad driving around there.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/30/13
Guess again,Doc. Having experienced the maelstrom that are the LA freeways (now there's a misnomer) first hand, I can state unequivocally I would rather have a root canal without anesthetic than be stuck for hours on those parking lots trying to go most anywhere.
XMinusOne 7/1/13
Do you guys have any idea on what I should draw?
Hmm...I don't know! Anyone else have any ideas?
 Emma  6/29/13
The beach? Fireworks?
Miss L.S.P 6/29/13
a self portrait then
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/30/13
oh noooo's hope she gets back soon
Yarin 6/29/13
I'm sure she'll be able to catch the next train!
 Emma  6/29/13
Oh Gosh! No, Chapel! Nooooooooo!!!
Miss L.S.P 6/28/13
Ha ha! I wanted everyone to be thinking "NO" as she went up the wrong entrance!
 Emma  6/29/13
I hope she has enough money to get back!
Miss L.S.P 6/29/13
I have definitely done something like this before.... even if a sign is right there!!!! :-)
Missy 6/28/13
My friend and I did exactly this on the subway in Boston last month! And the thing is, she LIVES there and should have known better!!! XD I've also been known to get east and west mixed up and thus end up going the wrong way on the highway in spite of signs. At least in that situation, all I have to do is find an exit and turn around!
GG 6/28/13
Oh my goodness! Luckily in these situations, there's often a way to get back quickly.
 Emma  6/29/13
Ha ha, I know. Selective blindness...
 Emma  6/29/13
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