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I wanted to have this comic be quiet and meditative, particularly when it comes to Chapel’s Zen attitude. Sometimes it’s important – especially during the summer – to kick back and enjoy simple, childlike pleasures. Chapel is clearly very wise for her age, and I wanted to have a comic where she gently reminds her brother to let himself do “kid stuff.” Even though Chapel is quite precocious, she’s still a kid.
I really like the touch of the frisbee in the tree. Well played!

Oh, yeah: I finally clicked on your Girl Genius ad and just went through the entire archive. Nice job!
Oarboar 6/29/13
Thank you so much! And I'm really excited you went through the Chapel comics. I hope you keep reading every Friday, I'd love to hear from you more!!
 Emma  6/29/13
Emma..... It's Friday so doesn't that mean a new comic
Yes! It'll be up in 1-2 hours.
 Emma  6/28/13
It's now more than 2 hours
Today was the last day of school and I can't wait to make all of my art projects that I have planned
Trix 6/28/13
Yes!! Congratulations! Summer art projects are the best.
 Emma  6/28/13
Well, what kind ? I'm bored. :(
Viv 6/28/13
I'm thinking of trying new mediums and supplies to try to get a variety instead of just paint and brushes and I also have an incompleted painting I have to finish
Trix 6/28/13
LOL... Rupert just shifted to the other side of Chapel in the last panel!
Audrey 6/25/13
Yes, he moved over to be in between Chapel and Barnaby.
 Emma  6/28/13
Congratulations on your DHP!
Dean 6/24/13
Thank you!!
 Emma  6/28/13
Whats a DHP?
Viv 6/28/13
Good sense of perspective in this strip, Emma. Clouds are fascinating to watch; especially when a storm is brewing.
XMinusOne 6/23/13
Thank you! Storms don't happen too often where I live, but I agree.
 Emma  6/28/13
Lol the frisbee is still there
Julie 6/23/13
ooh! Yeah, i didn't notice that! Well, actually, I did, but i didn't give it a second thought, weird. bright yellow things usually catch my eye... Any-whoo, you even got the shadows of the clouds down! BRILLIANT! you are so awesome, Emma. Jeez. It's actually a bit frightening, (in the best possible way!) :)
whippedcream 6/24/13
Thank you so much!! I was wondering who would notice the cloud shadows. I wanted to give a sense of time passing, and I thought they really added to the atmosphere of the strip!
 Emma  6/28/13
Yes, it certainly is!
 Emma  6/28/13
What a perfect way to spend the summer solstice...
oddment 6/23/13
Yes! A uniquely summer-y activity.
 Emma  6/28/13
I'd go out and do this too, except that it's raining right now. XD
GG 6/22/13
Hopefully once it's sunnier, you can go look at some clouds a la Chapel.
 Emma  6/23/13
I love the continuity of the frisbee in the tree. And congratulations on the Dark Horse thing!
RowAn 6/22/13
Thanks, I love continuity so I'm so happy my readers pick up on it!! And thank you -- I'm very excited about DHP.
 Emma  6/23/13
Rupert is so cute! I wonder what he thinks the cloud looks like.
Sylvia 6/21/13
He probably thinks all the clouds look like hedgehogs!!
 Emma  6/23/13
Lol that's cute... (^^)
Miss L.S.P 6/21/13
I'm glad you like it!
 Emma  6/23/13
Congrats on the Dark Horse things as well!
Miss L.S.P 6/23/13
Did Barnaby move Rupert over to his side, or did Chapel move it over to him because she knew that he ("he" = either Barnaby, Rupert, or both) would like it?
jkat718 6/21/13
Or did rupert choose to move their on his own.... ;)
blaidd drwg 6/22/13
Rupert moved on his own, you're right!
 Emma  6/23/13
Rupert moved over by himself, because he wanted to be in between Chapel and Barnaby.
 Emma  6/23/13
...And Chapel STILL hasn't got that frisbee out of that tree. I wonder how long it'll take till barnaby get's an idea and just take a broom to reach up and knock it out of the tree.

..and no chapel, it looks like a UFO.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/21/13
Yep, the Frisbee's probably there to stay...until they want to use it again, that is!!
 Emma  6/23/13
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