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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finally on summer vacation! Time to spend lots of time making comics!! What are your summer vacation plans? Clearly, Chapel’s are to laze around on deck chairs and convince herself that the hot sun is actually a fever.
I'm as pale as chalk, and it doesn't take long for the sun to actually give me a fever. Yes, it's possible to get sick from that all that nice healthy fresh air and sunshine. As a redhead, Chapel would be even more flammable than I am. I would give her maybe ten minutes, tops, in direct sunlight before she was sick to the point of vomiting - even with sunblock and a big hat (both of which I wear - I have more hats than Chapel does!) I'd tuck Chapel in the shade if she wants to enjoy the great outdoors.
IvyKllr 8/5/13
I'm not a redhead, but I too have to wear sunblock to protect my naturally extremely pale skin. It's my Italian side that gives me dark hair and fair skin!! Sunblock is definitely important, although I can't stand wearing hats too often.
 Emma  9/20/13
I have long hair so it doesint really help in the summer
Julie 6/20/13
Ah, I see...
 Emma  6/28/13
I finished my first year of university on the 10th-For the summer, I'm working as a paid intern in App Development. This is my first week, it is so interesting! (I wish I could tell all y'all more-what we're creating is super innovative and absolutely astonishing, but it hasn't been published yet, and not all the copyrights and such similar things are finalized. I'll let y'all know more when it's published.)
That sounds really fun!! And if you live in Silicon Valley, you understand tech secrecy...
 Emma  6/20/13
I do! I live in Sunnyvale/Cupertino (within a mile of the dividing city limit line) and work in Santa Clara.
Another great comic, keep it up.
blaidd drwg 6/18/13
 Emma  6/19/13
Happily for me, none of my family are doctors. I complain about the heat about every second of the day.
Argh. No. I'm not on summer vacation yet. Still four and a half days to go. :(
Ginny Weasley fan 6/16/13
I still have 2 weeks to go and I'm also sick because my school had sports day and it was pouring rain and I get a cold very easily
Trix 6/17/13
2 weeks, oh no! I hope you'll be done before you know it. :)
 Emma  6/19/13
Ha ha! I like the heat, to be honest. Even if it's super hot out, I prefer it to cold winter.
 Emma  6/19/13
People, Today is Father's day.

Weither or not you like him or not, weither or not oyu love and care for him or not, with out him you would not exist.

Give him thanks, give him a hug, give him the respect he is due. For you will never know when he will be taken away from you forever.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/16/13
Father's Day is a nice holiday. I love my dad!
 Emma  6/19/13
I'm finally done with college so the rest of my life is a vacation until i find a job of course
Yarin 6/16/13
wait till you have to pay your bills. there is no vacation.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/16/13
Ha ha...
 Emma  6/19/13
Wow, congratulations! I hope your graduation was really fun!!
 Emma  6/19/13
Good job, Emma! It's really funny
Miss L.S.P 6/16/13
Thank you!!
 Emma  6/19/13
Vacation? To me right now, i would say a vacation is like a car and i'm a dog. what's the use of chasing it? besides, what would i even do with it if i caught one?

This summer, i will work.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/16/13
That's good. I'm going to work too, I have lots of Chapel things and other projects that it's time to crack down on.
 Emma  6/19/13
This was adorable btw
Cey 6/16/13
Thank you, I'm happy you like it!
 Emma  6/19/13
Chapel looks so comfortable! I'm so glad it's finally summer!
whippedcream 6/15/13
Me too! Time to do things I don't have time for during the school year! Do you have any plans?
 Emma  6/19/13
Watermelon,sunblock,and lemonade to the rescue!
*doesn't work*
Viv 6/15/13
Ha ha yes, those things are very important! It looks like they didn't help Chapel here, though.
 Emma  6/19/13
Road trip. Across country for twelve days with friends I haven't seen in two years.
I miss California. =\
Miles 6/15/13
I've lived in California (NorCal) for my entire life except a one year hiatus when I was too young to remember almost anything. I love it here. I'm in the South Bay Area primarily, and study at UCSC.
That's so cool! I love the Bay Area. It's nice to hear about readers of my Chapel comic who are from my home state.
 Emma  6/19/13
Road trips sound amazing!! I've never been on one, but I've always liked the idea of them. California is nice, but travel is so stimulating for me!
 Emma  6/19/13
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