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Since I wanted to show reverso-world in Chapel, I changed all the things that make Chapel herself: her hair, her outfit, her glasses, her tastes. I flipped all the colors in her bedroom, because those are quite unique, and even changed the signature posters. Because Barnaby’s role in the story is mostly as Chapel’s brother, it made sense to change that significant distinction and make Chapel’s sister Bernadette. I wanted this to be sort of a “It’s a Wonderful Life” style glimpse into what Chapel could be like if several things were different… if she had never spotted Rupert in the adoption shelter or if she’d never been introduced to Lady Gaga. It’s those little choices that make us who we are, after all!
Just thought I'd share: I kept staring at this HUGE poster on the bus all the way home. It was an ad for one of those Personal Injury lawyers, and his name was, I kid you not, JUSTIN BIEBER. I couldn't stop looking at it: it felt as if someone was trying to play a practical joke.
IvyKllr 8/6/13
Oh, that's an unfortunate name to have nowadays! Hopefully he doesn't get too many prank clients.
 Emma  9/20/13
is there going to be an update? just wondering 'cause it's okay if there won't be one soon....
Miss L.S.P 6/15/13
Yes, it was just a bit late because it was my last day of school!
 Emma  6/20/13
I couldn't ever keep my glasses on a pillow on my bed like that when I'm sleeping. I'd knock them on the floor in my sleep, and either step on them when I got up, or they'd be under the bed and I couldn't find them!
GG 6/15/13
Ha ha! Chapel probably doesn't move around much in her sleep, so it's ok to put them there.
 Emma  6/20/13
So... I'm Guessing Chapel is against short hair? Or is that just the opposite of her?
AudreyTheDisneyGirl 6/14/13
She's not against it, it's just the opposite of her...since her long hair is SO distinctive!
 Emma  6/14/13
Hey, emma. What would be the best tablet to start with?? I know i asked this before but i tottally forgot what you said and can't find the comment.
coco 6/11/13
There's not really one that's a "starter" tablet, it mostly just depends on the price as all tablets are pretty similar. I would recommend a Wacom Bamboo, which is a pretty inexpensive tablet. I use a Wacom Intuous, which is like the Bamboo but slightly larger and with customizable buttons. There's no difference in the function though!

Hope that helps, feel free to ask me anything else.
 Emma  6/11/13
Scariest thing about this page: the Justin Beiber posters.
BTW I've been reading this for a while but haven't commented before. I love this comic!
RowAn 6/9/13
I'm so glad you finally chose to comment! And I agree, I wanted the Justin Bieber posters to be scary because they contradict everything we know about Chapel. Anyway, I hope you keep reading and commenting, I love chatting with my readers!!
 Emma  6/9/13
I tottaly agree!
coco 6/11/13
I nearly had a heart attack, poor Chapel!
Harrison Morgan 6/9/13
Haha, well, I'm glad you're okay!
 Emma  6/9/13
What kind of inversion is the Buffy t-shirt on Bernadette? Does Barnaby dislike SF&F genre, prefer books to TV, dislike referential t-shirts, or is this just a mapping of Barnaby's interests onto a female equivalent?

Also, I gathered from the now-defunct Moosehead Stew webcomic that a hedgehog is really not a pet you'd want to sleep next to.
oddment 6/8/13
No, as I alluded to in the commentary, the ONLY thing changed on Barnaby is his gender. Since Chapel is the protagonist of this comic, in order to make an opposite version of her, many attributes of her personality would have to be different. But because Barnaby is a supporting character, his main role in the story is as Chapel's brother. So, changing that to Chapel's sister was enough in the context of the story to provide a reverse-version, since we're seeing the world as Chapel sees it.

So I gave him a typical referential sci fi shirt. He wears similar ones in almost all the comics.
 Emma  6/9/13
Ah. In his last half-dozen or so appearances he's had a plain, unmarked, solid t-shirt. I thought that was his thing...making him kind of plain to keep the focus on Chapel, or to provide a contrast.
oddment 6/9/13
Ceylan 6/8/13
 Emma  6/9/13
Viv 6/8/13
Thank you! And yes, it's not how she acts....drawing this comic made me appreciate so much more how cool Chapel is.
 Emma  6/8/13
Bernadette haha lol
It was the closest name to Barnaby I could think of!
 Emma  6/8/13
And the wired thing is my ipad also did autocorrect on the name to make the b a capital and that was trix who said lol
Trix 6/8/13
You even switched the nightgown from yellow with pink trim to PINK with YELLOW trim! This is genius!
whippedcream 6/7/13
(blinks) nice, even I didn't see that until you pointed that out to me.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/7/13
Ooh, I can't believe you didn't notice it!
 Emma  6/8/13
give this old man some slack Miss Emma. It's been a busy day for me, so I might slip up once in awhile.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/8/13
No, I just meant you're usually so amazing at noticing small details, I was surprised.
 Emma  6/8/13
you were not the only one who was surprised today. ah well, it's a good thing to feel that once in awhile.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/8/13
Wow, I'm so happy you saw it! I was wondering who might see it...
 Emma  6/8/13
BREAKING NEWS (for those who don't know)

Matt Smith's run as Dr. Who is now over. a NEW actor will take over as the good Dr. this fall.

now my thoughts on today's comic.
Me Gusta.
As a view point of a man, Bernadette looks rather attractive than she should be. either that, or is it implied that Barnaby is ment to be much more hansom than we realized?
Miss Emma, have you ever thought about adding a "friend next door" for little Chapel who would LOOK like this friday flipped Chapel as a friend/foil she can interact with from time to time. she doesn't have to be in the comic all the time, just once in awhile.

on another note Miss Emma, you could have drawn a gender flipped Chapel too. maybe that can be a topic of another strip later.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/7/13
Or also make her hair black
I thought about it, but I decided that was too much of a change...
 Emma  6/8/13
no. not black... platiuma white hair.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/8/13
A lot of people comment that Barnaby's pretty cute, so I don't think it's too far off. And no, I won't be adding a character like that.
 Emma  6/8/13
Then pardon me then Miss Emma. I was just thinking on the long term prospects of Chapel's strip. Yea, I'm sure you have plenty to work with just Chapel and Barnaby for the forseeable future. However, I'm sure that in time you'll add more people to the strip, who ever they maybe.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/8/13
I knew the moment I saw the poster in the first panel that this wasn't the real Chapel... plus her hair wasn't right and she wasn't wearing a black dress.
Riv 6/7/13
White shirts shows the dirt so much. (grumbles about doing so much lundrey)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 6/7/13
I'm sure Chapel would keep it clean.
 Emma  6/8/13
Ha ha, yes! The Justin Bieber is a dead giveaway.
 Emma  6/8/13
ITs a.....Justin Bieber POSTER??? TWO?? That would be my nightmare too...well done, Emma. ;D
Miss L.S.P 6/7/13
Ha ha! I'm so happy you like it!
 Emma  6/8/13
I like the fact that Chapel considers Justin Bieber "low culture." Your Bieber jokes, such as being used as punishment by Chapel's Mom, cracks me up.
Sam 6/7/13
I'm so happy you like them! And she doesn't really think it's "low culture," because she listens to Lady Gaga, she just appreciates the fashion side of things more.
 Emma  6/8/13
Chapel looks much younger like that... I think it is a lack of spectacles. I know I can make people think I am much smarter than I appear by putting on a pair. I used to work in the lab making glasses at Lens Crafters until a life of misadventures damaged my sight in such a way that glasses cannot help.

Regardless, I sometimes imagine what path my life may have taken... if I'd married my high school sweet heart, for example. If I'd not moved to Orange County with my friends when I'd just turned 18... My life may have been full of mistakes and misadventures, but they have built character and I like the person that I am now... though probably I could be better.
Miles 6/7/13
I think it may also be the shorter hair, as shorter hair tends to make people look younger.

That's an interesting way of thinking about it! Very cool...
 Emma  6/7/13
Is that why you have short hair emma
No...I look way too young already, so that's not the reason I have short hair. It's just flattering to my face shape!
 Emma  6/8/13
That's true
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