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Yay!! I’m back! Thank you all for supporting me while I was sick with mono, reading all your kind thoughts really made me feel better. I’m so glad to be here with new comics for you!

In this strip, I wanted to subvert the comic book trope of characters only ever wearing one outfit. I had always wanted to discuss why Chapel wears her LBD (little black dress) because when I was younger, I would read comics where the characters all wore one outfit and wonder what happened if they tore it or got it dirty. The previous times when I showed the folding screen in Chapel’s room, I had always shown it closed so that you never saw what was behind it. But here, the mystery behind that and behind Chapel’s dress is revealed!
Poor Chapel. It's not that horrible, seeing as she ONLY wears those dresses, but I still feel bad for her.
ilovepie81 11/1/13
It's a small tragedy, yes.
 Emma  11/2/13
at least it wasn't torn on her backside! 0o0
Lucy O. 5/10/13
Yes, that is definitely a saving grace!
 Emma  5/17/13
This would be horrible if it happened at school! :(
Viv 5/7/13
Chapel would probably pass off the rip as some sort of fashion statement, and then come home and immediately burst into tears.
 Emma  5/9/13
Yeah. I would just wear a huge bracelet and tell everyone the bracelet ripped it...:) haha
My mom complains that my entire wardrobe is blue. I say that no, I have one white shirt and one red shirt. Out of like 30 articles of clothing.
Ginny Weasley fan 5/7/13
Ha ha! Mine tends to be dominated by green and pink.
 Emma  5/17/13
TV show characters often have a limited wardrobe as well however not nearly as much as comic book characters tend to.
blaidd drwg 5/6/13
Actually I feel like comic book characters have more of a limited wardrobe than live action TV characters, because it's more effort for a cartoonist to draw different outfits than it is for an actress to put on different clothes...
 Emma  5/7/13
That was not phrased very well. I was trying to say that TV show characters often have a limited wardrobe as do comic book characters, but that TV show characters wardrobes are not nearly as limited as comic book character wardrobes tend to be.
blaidd drwg 5/8/13
MOM: No, Honey.They're all SOLD OUT. BTW, don't you have like,20 of those?

Happens To Me ALL THE TIME
Why Oh why
Viv 5/6/13
You must've read my mind...originally, Chapel's mom's dialogue read more like what you have above, but I decided to tweak it!
 Emma  5/7/13
It's always nice to go back and edit
Viv 5/7/13
I don't always wear the same thing, but it's getting more frequent. When I can, I use variety, but I've started helping with theatre tech. All blacks is mandatory. I've been building up my collection...I might be headed towards just wearing black all the time.
I used to have a friend who did theater tech and her wardrobe really did become much more black-centric! It's not a bad thing, though. As Chapel might argue, it's the most versatile color in terms of style.
 Emma  5/7/13
Haha, I don't really care that much about what other people think of me visually. If they can't get past looks, then I don't want to deal with their prejudices. Which is an awesome place to be, for me, because then I find unbiased, amazing people to talk to.
Haha, this reminds me of one of the Tinker Bell movies (my not-so-guilty pleasure...). She was looking through her closet of identical green dresses, held one up, and declared that that one was not for traveling.

I love the random books we see lying around every now and then. "Fun with Flu" haha!
Emily15 5/6/13
Ha ha, that's really cool! What a neat coincidence. I'm glad you noticed the "Fun with Flu," too. While the books in Chapel's house are usually real titles, I also like to put in made-up ones as well.
 Emma  5/7/13
I have a question that doesn't directly relate to this comic, but I have to ask:
Are we ever going to see Fred or either of Chapel's parents? Or is it a Charlie Brown kind of thing?
Novelist-In-Training 5/5/13
I'll fill in for Miss Emma on this. Miss Emma has stated before that Fred and Chapel's parents are not to be seen on "screen" as it were. So yes, it is a Charlie Brown kinda thing.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/6/13
Except for you can tell what the adults are saying better......
Miss L.S.P 5/6/13
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/6/13
Alright. I get it now. Thanks, people! :)
Novelist-In-Training 5/10/13
Yes, Taxil, that's exactly right! Good memory.
 Emma  5/7/13
No, you won't ever see them. Since the comic is about how Chapel experiences the world, it focuses mostly on her and her brother in their own "kid world," and not on the adult world that she interacts with.
 Emma  5/7/13
are those the lady gaga shoes from ages ago???
souffle girl 5/5/13
Yes! They are! I wasn't sure anyone would notice - good job!
 Emma  5/5/13
Omg and its that phone-hat from season 1!!!
Miss L.S.P 5/5/13
that top hat, isn't that when Chapel went to wonderland with?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/5/13
Yes, that's true! Good catch!
 Emma  5/7/13
Yes, that's exactly it!
 Emma  5/7/13
Chapel's monochromatic wardrobe makes perfect sense in that black doesn't show dirt and wear,it goes with everything and is her personal fashion statement.

Fun Fact: The reason all Model T Fords were painted black is that Black paint was the fastest drying and worked best on the rapidly moving factory assembly line.
XMinusOne 5/4/13
oh if only people really knew their history as well as i do. Everyone should know that Henry Ford was one of the greatest industrious/capitalist that changed the world forever (and all around for the better). Yet Ford was paradox. ... i could go on, but i should make this short. it's seems odd, but Chapel and Henry Ford would not see eye to eye. Chapel loves to accessorize her cloths. Ford did not like them and wanted everyone to be standardized. Pity.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/4/13
Oh, that's interesting, Taxil!
 Emma  5/7/13
You MUST get into learning about history Miss Emma (and everyone else in here) before the truth of it get altered and/or erased. The world is becoming more like "1984" then you realize.

If the truth was known, your view on things and events might very well be flipped on it's head. here is an example. Gandhi is well known as a man of peace. He was, that is true. But he was not as nice as he is normally portrayed. In standareds we have today, he could be accused of being a bit of a bigot and antisemitism against non-Hindu Indians. this probably sprang up as a back lash to how others were treated in his days.

He forced marched the native muslim population of India out into what is modern Pakistan, thus kicking off today's nuked armed stand off we have today.

My view on Gandhi is lowered when he claimed "nothing happened" when he brought women (who WASN'T his wife) to bed with him. I don't believe that for a moment. I feel that cheating on your spouse is a REALLY bad thing.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/9/13
also i should add, Gandhi wanted to impose a Soviet-commuinist style economic system after the British left. we all know that system never works. thankfully it was shifted to a more free market system after he died. other wise India would never have become the growing power house it is today.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/9/13
Yes, that's exactly it! I wouldn't have given her a monotonous wardrobe unless it made sense for her character. She likes to stand out, so of course she would try to cultivate her signature look.
 Emma  5/7/13
the death spiral of the black dress is starting! slowly those black dresses will wear out and become too small Chapel. Soon, you will be forced to wear... COLORED CLOTHS! (insert loud hammy evil laughter with lighting and thunder in the back ground)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/4/13
Lol :-D
Trix 5/4/13
Missy 5/4/13
Ha ha!
 Emma  5/5/13
I also wondered that don't they ever change clothed?
Julie 5/4/13
Because it's called STYLE!!!
Viv 5/4/13
I know but it's kinda wierd they ALWAYS or at least in special or rare they change their clothing but the clothing looks really similar in most cases
Julie 5/4/13
I think not helps hem to stand out more, you know like they have a signifigant look that you can remember them by... :)
Miss L.S.P 5/4/13
Exactly, that's why some people do it!
 Emma  5/7/13
Well....it's Emma's choice!
Viv 5/4/13
I was very careful that it wouldn't be something out of character for Chapel, though!
 Emma  5/7/13
No I meant that it's not wierd or anything i just don't know why they always were the same thing I wanna know why
Julie 5/9/13
For Chapel, she likes to stand out and look different, so it makes sense that she would cultivate her unique style and her signature "look" by wearing the same thing all the time. Some cartoonists do it just to make it easier to draw, though.
 Emma  5/7/13
Awesome comic! Just found this today and read ALL of it!
Viv 5/3/13
Thank you so much! I hope you keep sticking around to read more!
 Emma  5/7/13
Doug did the same thing all his clothes were identical
Yarin 5/3/13
I never saw Doug so I didn't know that! That's cool though!
 Emma  5/3/13
You're too young lol it was a cute show
Yarin 5/4/13
so many youngens in here. they missed out on so much good stuff.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/4/13
Okay, this is like, one of my favorites now....that's soooooooo FUNNY! LOL
:) glad you're better!!!!
Miss L.S.P 5/3/13
Thank you so much!! I'm really happy you like it. I am so glad to be feeling better and be able to draw Chapel again, I really missed making comics while I wasn't feeling well.
 Emma  5/3/13
Yay, I'm so glad you're feeling better!

I always assumed those comic book characters just had a closet full of the same clothes...now I know! :)
Harrison 5/3/13
Thank you so much! And yes, that's what I assumed too, although it was never really explained...so I decided that Chapel's black dress shouldn't remain a mystery!
 Emma  5/3/13
Ha! How can Chapel even tell?
Missy 5/3/13
Who knows...there must be some identifying factor! Maybe she has each dress numbered!
 Emma  5/3/13
Welcome back, you seemed to overcome mono quite quickly, good for you (and your immune system)!
I tend to wear a very similar (if not identical) outfit every day. Blue jeans, boots and black tee shirt. Most are of concerts to which I have gone, but I have a few random ones, like a Tasmanian Devil shirt, or South Park, or Street Fighter. Of course as an Undergrad teaching assistant, I wear a nice dress shirt over my concert tees. Soon, that will be over, and the standard jeans and tee shirt will be back to norm for me, huzzah! (I desperately need this semester to end, suffering severe burnout and want of In-n-Out, none here in New Mexico!)
Miles 5/3/13
Yes, I was lucky to only be sick for 3 weeks! I'm glad to hear you'll be able to break away from your teaching assistant clothes and get back to your usual outfit. And while I rarely eat junk food (and I don't even like burgers that much), I can say that In-N-Out is definitely delicious.
 Emma  5/3/13
hi, I am so glad that you are feeling better!!!
Now don't overdo anything. Mom will find out. (Don't they always)
Never have had an In-N-Out BUT at one of our local shops, the burger are not even formed until you order one. A couple of splats with the spatula, a sprinkle of salt, onions and straight to the grill. A lightly grilled bun, mustard and
viola! a great burger. An El Paso classic.
scifi joe 5/3/13
Now Miss Emma, I feel like I must correct you on something. There is a BIG diffrence between junk food and fast food. If you get it sealed in a package and it does not need to be in a fridge, then it's likely junk food. If you go to a restaunt or go though a drive though to get it and it needs a fridge if you don't finish it, it's fast food.

junk food is a guilty pleasure, but it's rarely good for you. Fast food has gotten better for you, but it's still got long ways to go.

Anyway, I wish I could take you to a Zaxby's! They have some of the BEST chicken anywhere, far from KFC style. they maybe a "fast food" shop, but they are the top eating around in that class.

Anyone here been to a Bojangles besides me?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 5/4/13
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