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Frequently, it’s adults who chastise kids over their messy bedrooms. I wanted to have this strip initially appear to be a role reversal with Chapel complaining about the state of Barnaby’s room, but then the tables were turned back to their usual states. I usually draw Chapel’s room as very neat because she seems like the type, but I know that even the neatest people can sometimes have a storage crisis when it comes to things like hats!
I would respectfully point out that it is up to the ADULTS to give Chapel the help she needs to care for her hats properly. Ideally, each one should be stored in its own hatbox, stuffed with acid-free tissue to keep its shape - but it's virtually impossible to find hatboxes that actually fit one's hats. The hatboxes commonly found for sale are great for storing many items, but seldom are the right shape for very tall, very small, or very wide hats. She probably hasn't a big enough room to have shelves deep enough, or pegs long enough, to hang them. The most sensible and practical route would be to go online and order a hat tree, exactly like the ones that department stores use. That's what I did. I currently have three of them, and the hats are, I regret to say, stacked several deep on the branches. I have a *lot* of hats. However, one rack would probably do for Chapel at this point, and might go a long way to curbing parental annoyance at what they perceive as "clutter" and what Chapel perceives as "treasure". It is, as I have said before, a parental responsibility to provide Chapel with the tools she needs to be able to comply with their demands.
IvyKllr 8/6/13
They probably don't know how to properly store hats, and her parents aren't even asking her to clean up her room here! Hopefully, she'll research more and figure out how to store everything as her collection grows.
 Emma  9/20/13
I recognize the hat in the bottom center from "Picture Day" XD
I love that hat
Silver 5/14/13
Yes, great find! It's one of my favorite hats she's worn.
 Emma  5/21/13
There is always a storage crisis in my room... It has a floor space of about nine square feet (not including my bed) and there is stuff all over the floor. It drives me crazy because I'm kind of a neat freak.
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
Oh, I know the feeling... I have all sorts of trinkets in my bedroom, but I need my drawing desk to be SPOTLESS.
 Emma  4/30/13
My room looks like Barnaby's and Chapel's combined. I have a million books and eight or nine hats. :)
First time commenting. I just want to say that I love this comic so much!
RowAn 4/12/13
Aww, I'm so glad you like it! I hope you keep commenting & reading -- and it's cool to hear that you're like a Barnaby/Chapel mix!
 Emma  4/12/13
My room looks just like Chapel's (with other stuff, not hats). But is that a good thing?
ilovepie81 4/12/13
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't! My drawing desk used to look like that, but then I realized that I work better when my area is neat.
 Emma  4/12/13
What font do you use for your comics- or did you write your own font?
Simply Me 4/3/13
I made my own font out of my handwriting! If you go to a website called myscriptfont, you can print out a sheet and make your own handwriting font for free!
 Emma  4/3/13
Oh, cool! You have nice handwriting, by the way. :)
Simply Me 4/4/13
Thank you!!
 Emma  4/4/13
I visited the site. It looks complicated, BUT SO AWESOME!!! I LOVE fonts.
ilovepie81 4/12/13
I wrote this on Fresh Beginning-just randomly, have you ever read the Mother Daughter Book Club series?
lizzie 4/1/13
No, I haven't! Is it good?
 Emma  4/3/13
Nice work Emma. My bookshelves were a bit like that before I upgraded to the Nook. It has definitely saved me a ton of space.
Marikalay 4/1/13
same here!
lizzie 4/1/13
Oh, that's cool!
 Emma  4/3/13
That's cool! Yeah, I've heard that the Nook saves a ton of space!
 Emma  4/3/13
I never leave home without it any more. I got the Nook Tablet, so it does everything a tablet does and carries my entire library. I can even watch movies on it, so I'm never bored anywhere.
Marikalay 4/3/13
I like the hat in Barnaby's shelf
Miss L.S.P 3/31/13
Thanks! It's Ace's hat from the comic "One Piece."
 Emma  4/3/13
Miss L.S.P 4/3/13
(takes a second look) wait? WHAT!? sense when does an intern like Barnaby have time to read that much? Being an Intern is hard work with long hours. He should be too tired to read.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/30/13
He probably finds SOME way to cram book time.... Maybe he stays up late
Miss L.S.P 3/30/13
NOPE! I have known medical interns to put in 10 to 15 hours (or more at times) a day. the only possablity he is doing this is if he gets a day off.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/31/13
Hmm, maybe he sneaks books in between hours
Miss L.S.P 3/31/13
Does it really matter that much? Also, lord knows my best friend doesn't get any time to read, but that doesn't stop her from having books everywhere. She's got so many that some of them are at my place too.
Marikalay 4/1/13
i guess she is stock piling up for when she is free to read them.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 4/1/13
Who knows. I love her enough not to be cross about it.
...I'm totally getting her an e-reader for her birthday this year though.
Marikalay 4/3/13
They might be old favorites, and he has weekends of course....
LOLcat 3/30/13
I'm sure he sneaks in time somehow! Plus, he probably purchased many of those books before he started his internship.
 Emma  4/4/13
Um,miss Emma how is it that you and your comics are more amazing each week? if it hadn't been for kiki magazine i would have never stumbled upon your amazing work let me know if you have any events in Utah cause it would be an honor to meet you your like a role model to me even if I'm only 10 and you should be getting a letter from me very soon and I'm like your #1 fan I might even start a fan club
Bibi 3/30/13
me too
lizzie 4/1/13
Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! That's such a sweet comment. I'm not sure when I'd ever be in Utah, but we can only hope! Thank you so much for sending a letter and I will totally reply as soon as I get it! It's so fantastic to hear that you're my #1 fan, and that you'd want to start a fan club. That's so flattering!
 Emma  4/3/13
Haha, LUV it!!!
Miss L.S.P 3/30/13
Thank you!!
 Emma  4/3/13
I see barnaby doesn't like people knowing what he reads so he took off all the titles on the books.....
CrazyChick 3/29/13
I purposefully didn't label the books because I wanted to leave it up to the readers' imagination as to what was filling all those bookshelves!
 Emma  3/30/13
If this were on any sort of social networking site I would have "liked" this comment of yours. ^^
blaidd drwg 3/31/13
Why thank you kind stranger :)
CrazyChick 3/31/13
You are really getting good at your drawings Emma next thing you know you will be winning the newberry prize medal thingy for your books!
Trix 3/29/13
Oh wow, thank you so much! Sadly they don't award a Newbery for comics, it's just for novels.
 Emma  3/30/13
I live in my orginized Chaos world. yes i can and do straiten up my house hold, but it does become cluttered after awhile. Yet i always know where things are at. i wouldn't have it any other way.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/29/13
That's good! As long as you can find you stuff and you like how your house is, you're fine!
 Emma  3/30/13
My bookshelf isn't quite that bad, but it is rather messy! The problem is, I have to many books to fit on it, so they have to be stacked in creative ways to make them fit. Maybe someday I'll have more room...
Harrison 3/29/13
That happened to me as well...I had stacks of comics everywhere in my room! Eventually I reorganized and fixed it all up, though.
 Emma  3/29/13
I'm glad you got it organized! I literally don't have room to reorganize my stuff. Sharing a small room with my older brother leaves very little space for myself. Lately, I've been modifying my bunk bed to maximize my space. There's a corkboard hanging to my left, a computer monitor hanging from the top bunk, at the foot...I'm rather proud of my bed. :)
Harrison 3/30/13
Haha! I have all of my boots neatly lined up. Four pair at the foot of my bed (different boots depending on the conditions outside, from heavy duty winter, to lightweight summer) in order of size. I have my two pair of motorcycle boots next to the closet (because there isn't room for all at the foot of my bed), and the pair I am currently wearing and plan to wear to the side of my bed. The top of my desk sometimes gets ashambles, however.
Miles 3/29/13
It's interesting to hear about your boots collection...that's a lot of boots!
 Emma  3/29/13
I have 11 more pair back in California... unless my father has taken to wearing some. He wears the same size shoe as I. He used to "give" me new pairs of shoes, and since I walked around everywhere even as a kid, about a day or two later, he'd tell me, "Oh, I need those shoes I gave you back." He would be pleased that they would already have been broken in by then.
Miles 3/30/13
Woo First comment for what it's worth. . . nothing I guess. I seem to be up late but then again I've been staying up this late and later for a long time I just don't normally think to check the chapel comics until later on fridays. Love this one. I do this with all sorts of things at various times in my own room. I just usually clean them up to replace them with a different category of thing.
blaidd drwg 3/29/13
Wow, you really did make this comment just as the comic was posted! The website is automated to post at midnight PST, so you can check whenever suits you!
 Emma  3/29/13
Haha, It looks like I posted before the comic was even up... 3/28 was thursday. Normally, I am up late, but I never get around to checking chapel until Friday afternoon or Saturday.
blaidd drwg 3/31/13
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