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You, as the reader, are mostly in Chapel’s head, seeing (and discovering) the world as she does. Here, I wanted to let you discover something before Chapel does, which is why I had the reveal of the tea switch-up in panel two instead of the end.
I drew Chapel’s loose hair very fluffy, implying that maybe she had just taken a bath and was all ready to snuggle up for bed. In my experience, a hot bath and chamomile tea is a wonderful way to get yourself drowsy. Unfortunately it didn’t work so well for Chapel here!!

Originally, Chapel was getting ready for bed at 10 pm but when my mom saw this comic, she said, “Chapel’s too young to go to bed that late! Her no-nonsense doctor mom wouldn’t allow it!” Sorry, her bedtime is at 9 pm now!
My sister drinks coffee that had so much caffeine ☕️
Emoji hero 5/18/15
Chapel is gorgeous here :)
Peanutsfreak 6/1/14
Yes, she DOES look quite glam...
 Emma  6/3/14
LE GASP! SHE ISN'T WEARING HER BLACK DRESS! THE SCANDAL! Kidding, of course, I think she looks really pretty in this one! (I found Chapel through Gunnerkrigg Court; do you know it?) :D
Rainee 5/28/13
She wears her nightgown in multiple comics -- its first debut was all the way back in Season One! It's the only outfit she wears on a regularly basis besides the black dress, not counting special dress-up outfits.

And yes, I know Gunnerkrigg -- it's one of my favorite comics, and the author and I have chatted before!
 Emma  5/28/13
Oh yeah, I remember the nightgown, but I was talking about the blue dress she was wearing. ^_^ AND I LOVE GUNNERKRIGG! Fangirl with me.... XD
Rainee 5/28/13
This is SO something I would do.
Chapel should wear that dress, actually. It looks nice with her hair.
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
I had a lot of fun drawing the hair and outfit here!! I think it turned out looking great...but Chapel can't give up her little black dress.
 Emma  4/30/13
I REALLYYYY love her hair in the first panel. It looks so pretty down!!!!
Silver 5/14/13
Chapel's hair is so awesome!!! That dress in panel 3&4 looks so cute and it pairs well.
ilovepie81 4/12/13
Thank you!! If there's one thing Chapel knows, it's how to put together a good outfit.
 Emma  4/12/13
I like herbal tea too, but not chamomile. I like mint
lizzie 4/1/13
Mint is delicious, you're absolutely right!
 Emma  4/3/13
Mint is soooooooooooooooo good😛
Emoji hero 5/18/15
:o I love how her hair looks!
Pemi 3/29/13
Thanks, it was fun to draw!
 Emma  3/29/13
Was her hair hard to draw?
Emoji hero 5/18/15
Love it!! Chapel looks very cute in panel 3 :)
coco 3/26/13
Thank you so much!
 Emma  3/29/13
good choice on the syrup. VT grade is 5% thicker (I hope they don't move to the national standard).
Jim 3/25/13
I have a friend who lives in Vermont and she insists that all syrup come from there, so I was careful when I drew this comic!
 Emma  3/29/13
You can't have a bookshelf without Harry Potter! :)
Trix 3/20/13
So true!
 Emma  3/22/13
I love how Barnaby knows exactly what's going on as if it's a regular thing, haha!
Emily15 3/19/13
That's what I wanted to imply!
 Emma  3/19/13
I drew Chapel look
dawnflower8 3/18/13
The link is not showing up...darn it. Oh well....
dawnflower8 3/18/13
The website is designed not to allow links, but if you write it out (like saying "dot com" instead of writing it the normal way) I can find it!
 Emma  3/18/13
dawnflower8.deviantart dot com /art/Chapel-Smith-358820353
Dawnflower8 3/31/13
I drew Chapel look
dawnflower8 3/18/13
Ah...did you mean to attach a link?
 Emma  3/18/13
okay again chapel is freaky like me bcause that happens to me when i have caffine and off my medication too but it has to all or nothing for that to happen capishe
rowanrhed 3/17/13
It's cool that you're so similar to Chapel!!
 Emma  3/18/13
I saw the book smile cool ! I love the book and the one comic where chapel is like this is all your fault smile
Julie 3/17/13
Forgot comma
Julie 3/17/13
It's a good book.
Miss L.S.P 3/17/13
Yes, it is!
 Emma  3/19/13
It did give me the jitters at some parts, though
Miss L.S.P 3/19/13
I loved the book but I felt bad for her on some parts like when her friends betrayed her
Julie 3/21/13
Yeah, that was sad.... It was also a bit gross with all the surgeries
Miss L.S.P 3/22/13
Yes, I included "Smile" on her bookshelf as a reference to that comic. I'm happy you picked up on it, well done!!
 Emma  3/19/13
OMG Emma i just LOVE our comics I'm also into art and comic strips and all that and your just AMAZING you are such an inspiration to me and you help me grow as an artist just keep doing what you do no matter what i will always be your fan please reply love you bye!
Bibi 3/16/13
Oh my goodness thank you so much!!! This comment just made my day. Hearing that someone's inspired by my comics is the best compliment I could get! I hope you keep reading and commenting, I'd love to hear from you again!!
 Emma  3/16/13
May I just say Chapel has a wonderful book section! I've read quite a few of them.
CrazyChick 3/16/13
Hee hee - I was hoping someone might notice what was on her bookshelf!! Good eye!
 Emma  3/16/13
That was funny, caffeine side effects can vary quite a bit.
Me it makes me sleepy some times, some times not.
Showing what happens when it wears off could be funny, like right before she plays Fred.
scifi joe 3/16/13
She might suddenly fall asleep -- who knows what could happen!
 Emma  3/16/13
I'm thinking magic marker doodling on chapel's face (if Fred is being really mean) or some other stunt like that.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/16/13
I feel like that might be a little bit more barnaby's domain.
blaidd drwg 3/20/13
this happens to me

give me caffeine

I go from tomboy to giggling idiot
Riv 3/16/13
It's so funny to hear everyone's stories of caffeine-induced energy bursts! Caffeine doesn't affect me very much, so I haven't experienced it myself.
 Emma  3/16/13
That happened to me once
Julie 3/15/13
do tell. i would love to hear this tale.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/15/13
So I was bored and idk why but I got a Set of tea some one gave me and I decided to make some I didnt read the label until AFTER I drank the tea and i could not fall asleep and I had to wake up really early the next day for a school activity and the next day I had trouble staying awake the the teacher sorta got mad at me
Julie 3/16/13
Really? I guess you can really relate to this comic, then!
 Emma  3/15/13
I LOVE Chapel's hair in the third panel.
Novelist-In-Training 3/15/13
Yeah, it look so pretty when her hair is down!
Kirbiti 3/15/13
I'm happy you like it! I try to keep Chapel's hair in ponytails most of the time, that way it's extra-special when she does take it out.
 Emma  3/15/13
Agreed!!! Wish my hair was like that!!!!
Missy 3/15/13
I know I alsO like it
Julie 3/15/13
I had fun drawing her hair, I'm glad everyone likes it!
 Emma  3/15/13
you can always grow it out my Ladies.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/15/13
Growing it out won't always help the volume, though.
 Emma  3/15/13
volume amount that works for the ladies really changes from person to person. sometimes they may not need much.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/16/13
I wish I had red hair...although I don't think I'd ever grow it out long!
 Emma  3/15/13
Thank you!! It was fun to draw it with bouncy curls and a pulled-back section - it's not a look we usually see on her.
 Emma  3/15/13
Chapel on caffeine: unstoppable! Could this be her secret weapon in the next Chapel Vs. Fred battle?

Like everyone else, apparently, I think you did a wonderful job on this page. The hair! The dress! Good job!
Harrison 3/15/13
Chapel is a pretty energetic kid normally, so it's logical that caffeine would make her turbo-charged.

I'm so overjoyed at everyone's positive response to this comic! I had fun with it.
 Emma  3/15/13
That's true...and it probably wouldn't help her Jenga strategy any, either.
Harrison 3/15/13
Yes! I doubt she's able to think very clearly while she's hyped up.
 Emma  3/15/13
if chapel is jittery while playing Jenga is disaterous. unless she can get Fred hyped up as well.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/16/13
caffeine in tea is normally not that much than a normal coffee of the same amount, if a bit less. a 16 oz coke would REALLY make her turbo!

Lord help us all if chapel drank a 8 oz red bull!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/15/13
Her mom would never let her drink something so caffeinated, so we don't have to worry.
 Emma  3/15/13
drinking something by accident could happen too. i have known parents that bought energy drinks by accident. it happens.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/16/13
Downton Abbey poster!!!
eponine 3/15/13
Yes, I've had Downton Abbey posters in a few strips before! I take it you're a fan?
 Emma  3/15/13
Miss Emma, do you have any of those posters that you have drawn in your comics on your walls?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/15/13
No, not at all. I don't own any posters!
 Emma  3/15/13
then I'll make a point to look for something like those posters and mail them to you if i can.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/16/13
just curious-have you read Magic Night Rayearth? I saw a poster of it a few comics ago. Also, really cool strip!
<3 Art Books Music 3/15/13
I love her hair, too!
<3 Art Books Music 3/15/13
I'm so happy! Thank you!
 Emma  3/15/13
Yes, I read it a long time ago. I don't remember much about it but I did enjoy it. And thank you!
 Emma  3/15/13
.....(double face palm) oh Lord, i remember when Rayearth was brand new. both the anime and the manga.

i feel so old now. but i am glad someone else is picking up on the classics.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/15/13
My gosh, her hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!
So is that dress.... All of it is Beautiful!
Miss L.S.P 3/15/13
I wanted to imply that she curled her hair between panels 2 and 3, as her caffeine-induced hyperness increased. She hasn't worn a wacky outfit in a while, so I wanted to draw one in this comic!
 Emma  3/15/13
Miss L.S.P 3/16/13
THIS HAIR! THIS HAIR! Miss Emma! Please draw Chapel with this hair forever hence forth! I love it! ^^

This week's quality art work is wonderful.

well yes chapel needs to go to bed, but on the other hand, she'll get her homework done. totally worth it.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/15/13
I second the sentiment. Even compared with last week's strip, there is a subtle but definite shift in style, for the better. You've clearly turned a corner in your craft, kudos! Even when she ponytails her hair again, (because we all know she will ^_^) keep at least a minimum amount of detail (rather than zero)
Xheralt 3/15/13
Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
 Emma  3/15/13
I'm glad you like the hair! And Chapel does her homework on time without having to stay up, so going to bed late didn't offer her any special advantages.

I'm so happy you like the art in this week's comic!
 Emma  3/15/13
Revealing something important to the audience, and then watching the characters proceed without the information... 'dramatic irony'? Never quite sure if I'm using that term correctly.
oddment 3/15/13
We just covered that in a upper division English class! Yes, it is dramtaic irony. =D
Since we are viewing the story in a semi omniscient 3rd person view.

I also like the hair. Good work, Emma.
Miles 3/15/13
Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
 Emma  3/15/13
I believe that's the term!
 Emma  3/15/13
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