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Thank you so much for everyone’s patience while I wasn’t feeling well! It warmed my heart to read everyone’s well wishes. I’m still not back up to 100%, but I worked really hard today to get this strip to you. At some points in the day I was worried it was a quixotic quest, but I persevered!
OMIGOSH, IS THAT A SUPERNATURAL POSTER IN PANEL ONE? :D I LOVE Supernatural! Anyways, this message is SO true!
Rainee 5/30/13
Yes, it is! And I'm so happy you like the message, I really think animals do bring a lot of joy in life...
 Emma  5/31/13
Ohhh.... I SOO wish my cat was like this... She is seven and weighs sixteen pounds at about half a foot tall. She hates the world in general and nearly bit off my finger in first grade.
What I mean to say is Rupert is a GREAT pet.
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
Aw, that's a shame! I'm sure you'll find your perfect pet someday, though.
 Emma  4/30/13
I had a grumpy old lady cat named Lucy who lived to be 22 years old. She bit my nose multiple times when I was little and used to bite my dad's toes when he got in bed XD
She only weighed 5 lbs. but was the alpha animal when we had anohter cat 3x her size and a German Shepard. Multiple vets said we couldn't bring her back unless she was muzzled or drugged.
Great pet, lol, but we still loved her. She died last summer, but she WAS 22. Thats like, 110 in cat years...
Silver 5/14/13
Heh... that's my cat too. :)
Clockwork Wombat 5/26/13
Aww, how cute! This is how I feel with my dog, except she's like seventy pounds and STILL sits on my lap. Plus, when Dad is gone, she just sits in a bed moping. :(
ilovepie81 4/12/13
Aw, my dog sometimes gets upset when my dad leaves, too.
 Emma  4/12/13
I love the "Supernatural" Poster in panel 1 :D
Rosesage 3/7/13
Thank you so much! I've been watching Supernatural recently, so I decided to sneak in a little homage.
 Emma  3/8/13
Oddly enough my dad (a professional illustrator) had been illustrating (and is now almost finished with) a graphic novel called "Law of the Desert Born," based on a Louis L'Amour short story. The guy who commissioned him to do it suggested he used Jensen Ackles ("Dean") as reference for this one character--and at the same time, by pure coincidence, I had started watching "Supernatural." One time my dad walked in while I was watching an episode on netflix and he was looking over my shoulder when he suddenly exclaimed "Is that Jensen Ackles?!"
Me: (puzzled by Dad's reaction) "Maybe... Who is Jensen Ackles?"
Dad: "He's the guy I'm using for Chad" (Chad is a character in the graphic novel)
I payed closer attention to the opening credits in the next episode and sure enough the name Jensen Ackles was among them. Dad said it was weird seeing the person he was drawing moving around since he's been using photographs as reference. Now, after having explained the current story arc of "Supernatural" to him Dad says "[I] feel like I know the guy since I've drawing him for about a year now."
Rosesage 3/9/13
Wow, what a cool story!!
 Emma  3/10/13
Yup, that's something to remember for a long time.
Since I refer not naming names here I'll drop a hint as to who my dad is if you (or anyone else) would like to see some of his work: he's been illustrating the "Prince Valiant" comic since April of last year.
Rosesage 3/19/13
I love Rupert he's so cute! <3
Julie 3/6/13
Me too!!!! Adorable. :-)
Missy 3/7/13
Thank you both! I agree, he IS adorable!
 Emma  3/8/13
I agree! :)
 Emma  3/8/13
My sister HATES it when I read over her shoulder. I wonder why.
ilovepie81 3/6/13
I don't like it because it makes me feel insecure, you little creep.
ilovepie81 3/6/13
ahh, don't let your jimmies get rustled now ilovepie, your sibling cares for you all the same.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/7/13
Did you mean to make this comment under a different name? Unless you're talking to yourself right now! The website is pre-programmed to only allow 1 screen name per browser program, so you guys should use different browsers to make individual comments.
 Emma  3/8/13
Ha ha!
 Emma  3/8/13
I found out about the chapel cronicles and I emidetly loved it I read all of them in 1 day
Julie 3/6/13
Thank you so much! I'm so happy you read them all at once!
 Emma  3/8/13
That's so cool how Chapel is strolling through a little wooded path. We have woods in my backyard, but they are really rocky, animal infested, and currently covered in frozen snow. Well, EVERYTHING here is covered in frozen snow . . .
ilovepie81 3/6/13
Julie 3/6/13
I LOve your life
Trix 3/6/13
That sounds so lovely! I wish I had woods in my backyard, but I'll take what I can get!
 Emma  3/8/13
the girl in the red hood here and yay your alive! and what chapel says in the fourth panel is totaly true
rowan rhed 3/6/13
Ever since I got a pet, I realized just how true this strip's message is.
 Emma  3/8/13
I continue to be both pleased and amazed by your skills both as an author and illustrator, Emma. You are a greatly talented young woman. I enjoy your comic very much and look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work.
XMinusOne 3/5/13
Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! This is so sweet and it warms my heart to hear it. Please DO keep reading and commenting!
 Emma  3/6/13
Ha! I'm back! (Or rather my poor computer is back from surgery)
That's really weird, because right now I have the flu.
Ginny Weasley fan 3/5/13
I'm so glad you're back! I'm not glad you're sick, though :(
 Emma  3/6/13
Hello! Newly minted Chapelite here, just finished catching up!

Anywho, just thought I'd say hi. And I hope you feel 110% soon!
Harrison 3/4/13
welcome to the party!
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/5/13
Why, thank you! It's a very nice party.
Harrison 3/6/13
It sure is! Welcome!
Miss L.S.P 3/7/13
I'm so happy everyone's welcoming Harrison. The Chapel community makes me so proud!
 Emma  3/8/13
Aw, thank you so much! I'm SO happy you're enjoying my comic and thank you for the well wishes. Hope you keep reading and commenting every Friday!!
 Emma  3/8/13
Yay! Glad to hear you're feeling better.
NarwhalGirl 3/3/13
Thank you! :)
 Emma  3/6/13
Awesome! I like the forest scene in panel 3!
Miss L.S.P 3/3/13
Thank you so much! It was really fun to draw. :)
 Emma  3/8/13
Ahhh ,That's so true it makes me think of my cat
Kt 3/3/13
It makes me think of my dog, too!
 Emma  3/8/13
So who in Chapel's family wears contacts.
blaidd drwg 3/3/13
That needed to be a question mark not a period dang. . .
blaidd drwg 3/3/13
That makes me think: what if Chapel tried contacts????
Missy 3/3/13
Well, I mean we've already seen her without glasses before, so she would probably look about the same
Miss L.S.P 3/4/13
Yea, but I've tried contacts and they are INSANELY hard to get in at first. I think seeing Chapel try that would be funny.
Misst 3/6/13
Oh yeah! Chapels contact conundrum... Lol :)
Miss L.S.P 3/7/13
I've drawn her without glasses before, but since her glasses are a key part of her design, I don't think she would switch to contacts anytime soon!
 Emma  3/8/13
I admit i wear glasses. but the idea of myself putting on contacts is disterbing to me. i just can't stand the thought of something phyicaly touching my eyeballs. i hope i am not the only one who thinks this.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/3/13
I don't wear contacts but sometimes I touch my eyeball just to freak people out :P
CrazyChick 3/4/13

if so, you really are a CrazyChick! that would make me leave the room.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/4/13
Yeah I'm bit of an odd one :)
CrazyChick 3/5/13
yet somehow i like that part of you. never change. ;-)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/5/13
Aww thanks, I won't (€_€)
CrazyChick 3/6/13
How'd you pull the face off? (^∇^)
Miss L.S.P 3/5/13
i have my ways.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/5/13
Haha. Okay :)
Miss L.S.P 3/6/13
I used to think that way, but then I started wearing contact lenses, and you can't feel anything at all!
 Emma  3/8/13
Well, there is contact lens solution on the bathroom counter so I assume someone uses it. . .
blaidd drwg 3/5/13
Yep, I was hoping someone would catch that!
 Emma  3/8/13
Since this is Chapel and Barnaby's shared bathroom, it belongs to Barnaby! Since he's training to be a doctor, it probably wouldn't be practical for him to wear glasses all the time.
 Emma  3/8/13
Dear Emma,
thank you for inspiring me to try digital art if I had not found out about you I would have never tried it and I absolutely love it
Trix 3/2/13
Oh my goodness, I'm SO happy I inspired you to try it! I love traditional media as well, but digital art is really fun for me.
 Emma  3/8/13
Ugh why is everyone sick?
1st me,then my best friend,Now you?!😠
Vanilla Kitten 3/2/13
also me and my throat is sore and i have speech finals on Monday!
Trix 3/2/13
Aww sad... My friend had to miss debate tournament because she was sick. Probably got it from me :/
Ginny Weasley fan 3/5/13
That's so sad! It seems like it's definitely flu season.
 Emma  3/8/13
Oh no, that's such a shame!
 Emma  3/8/13
You web comic artists are all the same. You get ill or injured or indisposed and you think you need to be back on your feet ASAP for your readers. Your readers would much rather you take as much time as you need to get well before you resume updating the comic. Don't worry about it. When you feel well enough to work on a new update do so and if you don't then put the update off again. I'm sure all of your readers will agree with me on this. Best Wishes.
blaidd drwg 3/1/13
Aw, this is SO sweet of you! I'm so happy that everyone is wishing me well. I decided that since I wasn't feeling well, it would be better to put the comic off for a day or two than to force myself to draw something that wasn't my best.
 Emma  3/1/13
Good. :D
blaidd drwg 3/3/13
I totally agree with this. Hope you are feeling better soon though!0
Anonemuss 3/2/13
I agree too! I also agree with you deciding not to draw when you were sick. Whenever I try do do something when I'm sick I'm never at my best.
Ginny Weasley fan 3/5/13
Hugs get well soon
Yarin 3/1/13
Thank you so much!
 Emma  3/1/13
Aww!!! Hope u feel better! This still looks great though!
Miss L.S.P 3/1/13
Thank you! I wanted to put some sort of placeholder drawing so that people would know what was up.
 Emma  3/1/13
It's great and thoughtful!
Miss L.S.P 3/2/13
Get well soon! =D
Miles 3/1/13
Thank you! I'm already feeling better.
 Emma  3/1/13
(darth vader voice)

Oh my Lord Miss Emma, i hope you're alright! If Miss Emma can't respond, i hope Miss Emma's mother can update us on her situation?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 3/1/13
I'm totally okay! I just needed a day or two to rest and decided it would be best to put off the comic a little bit in order to get back up to my normal energy levels. I'll be just fine!
 Emma  3/1/13
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