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I hope you notice the hats in panel three get less and less fancy as the failed takes increase.

When I was younger I had blonde flyaway hair which was really hard to comb so sometimes a teacher would fix it up on class photo day, but not in a way I liked! Sometimes they would do wacky things like put it up in a side braid, so my yearbook photos could get pretty crazy.

What are your school photo day memories?
Really, Take 4 should have been accepted. The brim even fit into the frame, he was just a jerk. :(

And my only photo-day memory was when the time for it was after lunch. I noticed I still had some peanut butter stuck between my gums and lower lip, but I ignored it... ignored it.... and when I couldn't do so any longer- *FLASH* he take's the frickin' picture. D: Jerk.
Lex-Kat 8/28/15
He wouldn't even let her wear the bow?

This guy is a jerk.
Peanutsfreak 6/1/14
 Emma  6/3/14
So...he made her take off her glasses too?!
Pinkmushroomgirl 8/5/13
Yes, he did!
 Emma  9/20/13
Aw... Poor Chapel! Reminds me of my 6th grade picture! It was awful!
AudreyTheDisneyGirl 7/6/13
Oh no! I'm so sorry!
 Emma  7/27/13
I love how Chapel's smile gets smaller and smaller... I wouldn't have thought of that!
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
Ahh. Picture day. My least favorite day of the year, and sadly I have, let's see, at least eight more. (My least favorite except maybe field day. But that's beside the point.)
Picture day disasters? How much time do you have?
My hair is long, frizzy, curly and brown. It's insanely unpredictable, so sometimes it curls around my head in different directions and sometimes it just hangs there being nice and flat. Arrgh. Last year we had gym right before picture day, and my hair curled up around my head and looked SO bad that my friend lent me a comb, which did nothing to improve it. This year it was outside, so it was so boiling hot that my hair did the frizz routine again, and it looked AWFUL. It's happened three out of the five times I've done this.
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
I understand frizziness...it can happen to me too, and my hair is short and straight!! Picture day pretty much never turns out well.
 Emma  4/30/13
I know what you mean... either my hair poofs out, or my "smile" is disastrous. I REALLY hope my 8th grade picture this year isn't bad...
Pinkmushroomgirl 8/5/13
Thank you!! This is one of my favorite strips.
 Emma  4/30/13
Defeated Chapel makes me sad :(
My mom used to work at my school on picture days, and they always had combs for our hair. Since it was after recess, mom always took a comb to my hair when I got there and placed it for me.
Pemi 3/29/13
I'm sorry it makes you sad!! And I can totally see how having your mom there for Picture Day would help out with the hair situation.
 Emma  3/29/13
Wow, Chapel looks SAD in the last panel. I can see she's holding her glasses.
ilovepie81 3/8/13
I know, I wanted her to look sad to further the impact of the comic! I'm glad you saw the glasses, too, because it was pretty subtle.
 Emma  3/8/13
I remember my Highschool Sr. Yearbook Photo... omg it was the worst picture ever... I have dark hair, gray eyes, and pale skin... I was so washed out... not even photoshop could save the pictures... problem was they were using the yearbook photos as your school ID photo... so the principal had the art teacher take a photo of me in the new photo lab... black and white of course... but still one of the best pictures of me to this day.
Tae 3/1/13
That's so great! It's nice to have a photo of yourself that you really like, even if your senior photo wasn't so good...
 Emma  3/8/13
With every comic you force the reader to have compassion, sympathy, and empathy for chapel and the situations she ends up in and you do your craft so well. You are definitely a story teller if not an author or artist.
blaidd drwg 2/27/13
Thank you so much!! That's definitely my objective with my comics so I'm glad that shines through!
 Emma  2/27/13
haha love your username
tardis blue 2/28/13
her ribbons change too!
Charlie 2/27/13
Yes, they do! They go from fancy bows to her plain ponytail holders...
 Emma  2/27/13
I always struggle with choosing what to wear for school pics, how to smile, etc. Like this year, I chose a full - body pick and it was BAAAAAD! Also, I have HUGE dimples that look odd when I smile. (Sigh) I hate school picture day. Chapel must be worse, though. ;)
ilovepie81 2/27/13
I think dimples are cute, though, and I'm sure they look great on you! School pictures sure are a dilemma, though...I could never get mine just right.
 Emma  2/27/13
I must admit, though, my third grade pic was successful. Especially since I had this cool "starburst" background.
ilovepie81 4/12/13
My second grade one was the best... Fourth grade was a disaster, and so was this year...
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
One year my mom curled my hair for picture day then a teacher brushed it out my picture looked like a mess
Kt 2/27/13
That DOES sound like a mess! I think one of the teachers tried to curl mine one year, too.
 Emma  2/27/13
Aw, she looks so sad without her fashion statement!
Emily14 2/26/13
Yes! I was afraid it was too sad but decided it got my point across well.
 Emma  2/27/13
Looks like the hats in the third panel are in descending order. They just get smaller and smaller until poof! Instant killjoy for Chapel. Sad.
Dracomancer 2/25/13
Yes, EXACTLY! That's totally what I wanted to communicate here, and it was a fun challenge to find ways to do it without dialogue.
 Emma  2/27/13
The hat in Panel 1 looks great!
Dracomancer 2/25/13
Thank you! I wanted something totally flamboyant to really further the contrast between the first and last panels.
 Emma  2/27/13
Poor Chapel!
Chloe 2/25/13
I know! I really wanted her body language to spell "totally dejected" in that last panel.
 Emma  2/27/13
It totally does.
Chloe 3/2/13
It's really sad that nearly everyone's experiences with grade-school through high school is mostly one of destroying all sense of individuality or creativity. Then as adults we spend the rest of our lives trying to get it back (just look at the "Self Help" section in a bookstore and you'll see how hard adults are trying to recover it) when we should have kept it in the first place!
Nefarious Dr O 2/23/13
I can see your point. but there is a good reason to wipe out that "I'm a unique person" that with the foolish amounts of self esteem pumping we give our kids leads to give them unearned amount of self worth and ego. that leads to the mentality that they are ENTITLED to all sorts of things they have not earned later in life.

as a whole, we, the older generation accidnetly are turning the next generation into a pool of lazy narcissistic whiners. for that, we are sorry to do that to you.

I fully believe that the problem is coming from 2 areas.
One: the government that runs the public school system that the majority of us having gone too is becoming a tyranny of the worse order. they grind out self initiative, common sense, and creativity out of kids to make them into drones for their own use later in life.
two: we need kids to DO things on their own. when kids perform well and is acknowlaged for it, it becomes positive feed back. if they fail, teach them to learn from their mistakes (or in other cases, take the consiquences of their actions or failures). basicly, the Carrot and Stick way works more often than you realize.

i hate the movement of not keeping score at youth games and giving out participation awards for just playing in games.

I am glad you are seeing the same damage I am my good Nefarious Dr O.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/24/13
Awww...little kids (like the under 6 set) should get participation awards. They can't play in any meaningful way anyway. They are mostly just there to make friends, get worn out, and have fun. My daughter's first soccer team (at 4 yrs) spent most of their field time spinning in circles and picking flowers.
However, it makes no sense once they have some coordination and can understand the rules...
ravenlunatick 2/26/13
sorry for going on so long. i had to get that off my chest.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/24/13
I'm not sure I see the problem quite the same way you do, alas, even if we do see the problem. I see it as more social than structural. Kids can be incredibly cruel to anybody who's different, and for too long parents and teachers ignored the bullying/taunting etc. It's easy to think of this as "governmental control" but the reality is more like "we're all unsure and the idea of anybody being different is scary".
That said, I draw a great deal of comfort is seeing what Emma is doing here, proof that there's room for kids to be creative, follow their own dreams, and not have it stamped out by the people around them. Way to go, Emma!
Nefarious Dr O 2/24/13
you do make a good point (and one that i failed to add) that another factor is that the parents are just not getting themselves into an active part in raising and teaching the children (as a whole).

i see that bullying and the "pecking order" in schools and other organizations is bad, BUT it is also a part of our nature and makes us human. it is possable to lessen the damage bullies do, but it is IMPOSSABLE to get rid of them all together. fittingly ironic, bullies on a rare chance can be helpful. it took some bullies to make Henry Rollings into the awesome fellow he is today.

There is a effective way to deal with bullies, it just that it take courage to do it.

anyway, I agree. Miss Emma is doing a great job here.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/24/13
Hi guys, you know I love my commenters! I'd really like this comment section to be about Chapel and this week's strip. Thanks!
 Emma  2/25/13
You have some very opinionated and intelligent readers from varied locations and backgrounds, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, It means when someone says something, they want to share their view and they want to attempt to correct or change the differences between their views and the views stated.

Things to never join an argument about on the internet. . .
Best Operating System
and probably bullying and what we should do about it and wether or not it is a problem

The fact that you have sparked so many heated and important debates and topics in your comments is a testament to the quality of your comic and the story and messages you convey in it.

Keep up the good work
blaidd drwg 2/27/13
as an added bonus, the discussions my be rather warm, but they do not get over heated or turn into a screaming match. a true rarity on the net.

Miss Emma, it's like we're having a civil pleasent debate here. now imageine Chapel in a classy evening robe, with a fez cap on, sitting in a high back chair in a cozy den (lit fireplace in the back). she's having a civil and intelligent talk with a similar dressed fellow (a pipe is optional). that is what it's like in here.

now if you can draw that as an extra pic for your FB page, it would rock.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/27/13
Chapel's glasses are missing in panel 4! :)
If you look closely, you can see that she's holding them. It's meant to imply that the photographer had her take her glasses off, too.
 Emma  2/23/13
(looks closely) yes, yes Chapel's holding them. hard to see it, but she is.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/24/13
Yep, I was careful to have her holding them -- it's not a consistency error at all.
 Emma  2/27/13
now i think about back when i had my high school picture taken. All the boys were wearing tux jackets and dress shirts so all of us were at top of the game. it's just those were the same days i was rocking a mullet too, so in hind site, it's awkward. ><
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/23/13
Mullets are one haircut that haven't really stood the test of time...
 Emma  2/23/13
O'RLY? here's something to change your view point on mullets. our 11th president James K. Polk was rocking the earliest form of our modern Mullet. the Mullet is sure to be around for a long, long time...
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/24/13
At my school I have a uniform, so picture day out fits were never a problem except for hair. I hate brushing my hair, and if it were my choice I would just keep it messy, but always on picture day I brush it and make it look good. It's the only day of the year that the way my hair looks matters to me.

On a different note, if I were the one taking photos for some school I would not make a comment... and I would have everyone say Green Hippopotakitten instead of cheese.
LOLcat 2/23/13
That's interesting about the uniform and how it affects picture day...and I agree, if I was the photographer, I wouldn't make comments!
 Emma  2/23/13
Aww, such an awesome comic, but I still feel pity for chapel.... although, she is rather adorable when she's sad...
Miss L.S.P 2/23/13
I know, I feel badly for her too!
 Emma  2/23/13
From the school pictures I remember, the photographer's last line would have been "Okay now, big smile."
oddment 2/22/13
Yes, that's always what they told me too!
 Emma  2/27/13
Tron - go with Tron. Another fun comic. Poor Chapel.
Max_Writer 2/22/13
I know, poor Chapel!
 Emma  2/27/13
So my family got a new cat we haven't picked a name yet which name do you like better?

1 Thor cat of thunder.
2 Tron
3 Skywalker ( shorted to Sky)
CrazyChick 2/22/13
More stuff about the cat,

It's a male
It's a grey cat.
CrazyChick 2/22/13
go with Thor.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 2/22/13
I like a combination of 1 and 2 thus making it 'Thorn'.
Miles 2/22/13
I like 1 and 3 the best
Miss L.S.P 2/23/13
I like Sky best!
 Emma  3/8/13
Well here is my annoucement i said before. My town will host MystiCon sci-fi convention. at which I will make an attempt to see the guest of honor PETER DAVISON HIMSELF! THE 5TH DOCTOR! i will not promous anything, but i will try to see him.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 2/22/13
Even though I have no idea who that really is, that's awesome!!
Miss L.S.P 2/23/13
Miss L.S.P., are you serious?!? you really don't know the 5th doctor? you don't know who Peter Davison? The 5th doctor is one of the most beloved of the doctors and Mr. Davison is a great actor. if i had the copies, i would send you them of his shows. go look him up, it's worth your time.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/24/13
Oh okay, sorry, I just don't watch doctor who very much...I'm sure one day ill be a fan
Miss L.S.P 2/24/13
That's so awesome! I just found out I'm going to comic con in Chicago this year and Peter will also be there! I'm going to try and see him also :)
CrazyChick 2/23/13
So, I was right. You are in Virginia.
blaidd drwg 2/24/13
i guess i gave myself away with that one. Yes, i do live in Virginia.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/25/13
That's cool! ;)
Miss L.S.P 2/27/13
That's very cool!
 Emma  3/8/13
not a perfect shot. Chapel needs to look right at the camera. Oh lord, i remember my school photos. they NEVER allowed hats on when they were taking your picture Miss Emma. I just wanted to point that out.
Dr Taxil Necrobane 2/22/13
That's the whole point -- it's clearly NOT a perfect shot since Chapel is so unhappy, but the photographer thinks it's perfect since Chapel finally looks like everyone else.
 Emma  2/22/13
Awwwww. I have to dress 'professionally' like the professors at my college do because I am an UTA.
I still come to classes in my USA leather jacket, and wearing my belt with the seal of America on the buckle. Try and sap my individuality, will you... I can out patriot Captain America!
Miles 2/22/13
Haha, well that's great that you find a way to incorporate your individuality even into your professional outfits!
 Emma  2/22/13
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