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I always knew I wanted to have a comic where Chapel is working on her math homework and really, really enjoying it! Although it’s not explicitly stated in the comic, I always knew I wanted math to be Chapel’s favorite subject. Are you surprised, especially considering that she’s an art-and-fashion type of girl? That’s exactly my point! In all types of fiction, it’s rare to see a girl who likes math and doesn’t fall into the “nerdy girl” stereotype. With Chapel, I try to break all sorts of stereotypes: she loves fashion and dressing up, but she also adores science fiction and math. In real life, nobody falls perfectly into any one stereotype, and that’s exactly how I’d like to present Chapel.

I also wanted to change up the background in this strip a little! I don’t often show Chapel outside of her house, so I decided to have her doing her homework at a coffee shop downtown. She’s the kind of girl who would like to spend time at a coffee shop just to people-watch, so I think it’s perfect.

There are two Doctor Who references hidden in this comic…can you find them?
I'm good at math, I just don't like it.
Peanutsfreak 6/1/14
Aww, that's a pity.
 Emma  6/3/14
Uh... Doctor.... WHO?
That's so cool. Chapel and I have so much in common!
Izzy 9/22/13
Aww, I'm glad!
 Emma  9/26/13
This is SOOO something I would do.
I can't catch them... My friend showed me one episode of Doctor Who, I thought it was great, but I haven't gotten the chance to see more...
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
Aw, that's a shame! Doctor Who is a fun show!!!
 Emma  4/30/13
Oh my gosh, Chapel is me O.O
Pemi 3/29/13
Ha ha, I'm glad you can relate to her!
 Emma  3/29/13
This reminds me of a time when we had to draw geometrical patterns with a certain number and type of shape. My partner/friend got one wrong because his pattern was "too big and decorative." I can't imagine the grade that Chapel will get on that paper . . .
This is going to be on my mind for a while.
ilovepie81 2/27/13
Getting points off for drawing something too complex sounds horrible! I'm sure Chapel would rebel against it!
 Emma  3/8/13
Your comics are the best! These will be the peanuts some day! I discovered these at a art museum in Los Gatos CA and they said that Emma Capps an author of some graphic novels comes there sometimes, so I bought season 1 (book) and thought it was so great, I went here for EVEN MORE for FREE! Anyways best comics of the generation.
Zach 2/8/13
Oh my goodness this is SUCH an amazing comment!! Thank you so much -- I'm happy you found me through the Los Gatos museum!
 Emma  2/11/13
Gallifrey Espresso, Harmony Frozen Yogurt (I think?), and definitely the Torchwood Nightclub.
angelina 2/7/13
Harmony is not a reference, it's an actual store in my hometown -- but you were spot on with Gallifrey Espresso and Torchwood Nightclub!
 Emma  2/11/13
Yay! ^u^
angelina 2/13/13
Odd question: Is Chapel drinking coffee, tea or hot cocoa? I assumed hot cocoa, but I wasn't sure.
Novelist-In-Training 2/6/13
I like to imagine she's drinking a tea latte, which is tea with frothy hot milk added. You can't really tell, but she has the check boxes for "decaf" and "whip" marked on her cup, so that gives you more of an idea!
 Emma  2/6/13
cool. Do you like milk tea? I do! Yummmmmmm.....
Miss L.S.P 2/6/13
Me too you and I are like the same miss L.S.P
Trix 2/7/13
Haha cool!
Miss L.S.P 2/7/13
I like hibiscus tea :)
as in, like, the flower. It is usually nice and fruity
Silver 2/6/13
I tend to drink cranberry juice and V8 juice myself. at my age, I tend to go for more healthier drinks. yet some how I just can't stand to drink coffee, it tastes like drinking charcoal to me.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/6/13
That kind of seems like something I might do, lol...
Silver 2/5/13
 Emma  2/6/13
I just noticed something in the fourth panel chapel says a tad overboard isn't it a tag overboard.
Just wondering.
Trix 2/4/13
No...it's a tad overboard. "Tad" is the word you'd use in this context.
 Emma  2/4/13
i guess i learned something new today
Trix 2/4/13
I generally don't mind math/algebra unless I can't figure out how to do something. I used to absolutely hate it, and I still can't say it's even close to my favorite thing in the world, but I've learned to tolerate it!
Emily14 2/3/13
I used to hate math and algebra, but for the past two years I've had a wonderful teacher who's made it really fun for me.
 Emma  3/8/13
hi emma t capps would you like to be my friend
friendless 2/2/13
Of course! :)
 Emma  2/3/13
CrazyChick 2/6/13
Now I'm not friendless anymore so I'll change my nickname to friend- full
friend-full 2/6/13
That's good! I will be your friend too!
Miss L.S.P 2/8/13
Among all the talk about getting people into learning math, it connected with me another big point of learning far too many people are lacking in. How many of you Chapel's faithful know and understand your History? I am a huge History buff and i have concluded that if you truly know your history, you can understand what is going on in the present, and make better predictions of what is to come.

Having recently looked at a number of public school (and some collage) history text books, it left me rather disgusted and dismayed at how lacking, unintresting, or at worst horriably baised they are and not tell you the truth.

I do hope you all make a real attempt to learn all that you can at the truth of our past. I'll try to help if anyone needs it about history.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/2/13
I'm a junior in high school. We actually started off the year in our U.S. History class by reading two chapters from the Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States." I honestly cannot agree more with his comment about how our history books tend to either quickly mention the struggles of the Indians (for example) before moving on the "more important" parts, or burying the facts that are mentioned in "a mass of other information." Our history books really do leave out a lot so we hear more from one side of the story and hardly anything from the other.
Rosesage 2/2/13
thank you Rosesage, what i fear is worse than just not teaching history, is that those who have political agendas will warp and change the way it is told so whole generations of people will be taught lies. just like in the book/movie "1984".

I am doing my best to all that i can in saving history (in ink and paper books, dvd, etc) so that i can teach others later the truth. don't trust the net will retain the truth forever, i too can be purged or altered far easier than you realize.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/2/13
History has always been written by the victors, unfortunately. A lot of history is been lost every time a "war" is fought. It doesn't necessarily have to be an actual war, changes in political power are also a cause.

History is really all about bias and biases. At least we now approach an age where perhaps the history can be written from all biases as it happens and in ways that make it much harder to erase when agendas want to.

Powerful people almost always either abuse the power and twist everything to their favor or some one else gets close to them and does it without their knowledge.
blaidd gwael 2/3/13
Um.... Blaidd gwael, that is not exactly accurate about it's becoming harder to "rewrite" history. with a slow dwindling of ink and paper book printing and boom of ebooks and use of the net to look up things, it's more easier to purge and alter than you think.

yes we have developed better ways to get clues from the past, but yet the past are also getting wiped out forever. last year the talaban blew up a priceless a giant budda stature, a few days ago in Mali they burned to the ground a musiem filled with ancient documents that was burned with the building. Youtube accounts get closed, file sharing severs get ceased by the goverment, web pages get blocked or removed. yet more and more people are using more ebooks and Ipads to read up on history.

anything that is accessable to the net can be hacked and altered, ink and paper books can't be hacked. just a reminder....
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/3/13
I, having a more than slight interest in computer technologies and hacking, cryptology, and security in general my major being what it is, am completely aware of that.

Ink and paper books can be burned, trashed, hidden, or destroyed and they may be the only single copy of the information they contain.

The /only/ significant change that today presents over the past is that history is being recorded through exponentially more facets and /that/ makes a large difference in the difficulty of destroying or rewriting history that happens currently.

It's not that old information is harder to destroy, but that there is little time to warp new information before it is global and once it is it is global in a million or a billion places almost instantly in most cases.

Even old history/information is being uploaded and distributed across the internet world-wide. Perhaps it isn't true of the temples and museum you describe, but if copies exist and specifically digital ones then that information would not be lost.

While ebooks can be placed out of common conscience, it is easier for one to retain a copy that is MUCH harder to destroy, because those seeking to are far less likely to know of its existence or its location. printed books have records of the number of copies made and they are harder to distribute and copy.

There exist places on the internet that tend to continue to run even when governments desire them shut down and they are capable of distributing such books even when file sharing sites are shut down. Anyone with a computer, a copy of the information, and access to the internet can theoretically distribute that information globally in a matter of hours and that is a persistence of data that has never been seen before and is becoming more and more possible if it isn't already.
blaidd gwael 2/4/13
Oh, and by the way, while it may be rather uncommon and not exactly thought of, Ink and paper books can in fact be altered without future readers realizing that it has been altered. Albeit a very very very difficult task.
blaidd gwael 2/4/13
i know, but it's almost never done. it's much easier to alter wikipedia pages and your facebook posts than my books.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/5/13
then where do people keep their ebook copies? i know all to well, that it is so frightingly easy to track anything people can do online. You are not the only one who understands the levels net security (granted it's not my major).

Ink and paper books don't need power to be read. Yes it is possiable to print a book with out it being tracked, not easy, but doable. i fear the internet acessablity in the future. SOPA and PIPA as well recent net neutrality talks darn near killed the net.

yes, the people in the musiuem were in the process to digitaly copy all those ancient documents, but those Islamic savages burned them all before they could be saved.

Just don't put all your faith in the net alone. but split it up more or less between ink and paper and electronics media.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/5/13
I was simply acknowledging and affirming your statement about the net being able to be hacked and altered.

eBooks may be stored on hard drives, on flash drives, on SD cards, even on tapes as well as the myriad of other forms of storing digital data..... but the point is a single individual can make a lot of copies in a very short period of time and can even place copies on forms of digital media that are almost too easy to hide.

Digital books may require power to read, but while we're talking about people who might go to the effort of copying a physical ink and paper book without tracking, a creative person could build both a way of generating power and also a way of reading the book without /too/ much difficulty besides a moderate amount of not particularly common knowledge.

We need to fight for things we want. SOPA and PIPA were stopped and they needed to be. Hopefully, the more times things like them show up and get shut down, the harder it should be to propose similar ideas in the future.

I was originally simply suggesting that that ease of tracking anything anyone does online is actually a benefit when it comes to telling todays history as it happens. The history of tomorrow is being recorded in more ways and with millions of millions of more copies and primary sources from our era will be vastly more available than ever before. THAT will make the history of today harder to hide, delete, or alter.

I greatly appreciate your intelligence and willingness to put forward your ideas and opinions. Sticking to a single side is simply for the sake of argument. I prefer paper and ink for almost all reading I do.

I hope that others here may take the time to read these conversations and form their own opinions. I don't even really care whether they agree with one side or the other as long as they take the time to think about it.
blaidd gwael 2/5/13
Hi guys. This comments section is supposed to be about Chapel, and while I appreciate your interesting discussion, it's not suited for this forum.
 Emma  2/5/13
My apologies as well.
blaidd gwael 2/6/13
I'm sorry Miss Emma, but it seems that we're like an avalanche. once we get started, it's hard to stop. ^^;;;
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/6/13
Love that you are supporting math for gals. When I was in high school I was in math classes with all boys and it did feel awkward; gals just didn't take advanced math. Also, love the design - must have been a lot of fun to make. So much detail - did you get dizzy or cross-eyed making it? Nice symmetry going on.
kc 2/2/13
That's such a great story! The design wasn't too hard to make, I had fun with it because it was like a visual puzzle!
 Emma  2/2/13
I know how you feel, KC, I was in an after-school club called "Tech Team" (pretty nerdy) and I was the only girl XD
Kirbiti 2/3/13
I have been in that kind of situation before. I struggled with math in school, until I hit geometry and then went crazy. Probably why I'm in graphic design/printing now as an adult. I still do crazy-complicated geometric patterns for fun, and even make printouts of my stuff to use as wrapping paper when Xmas rolls around!
Nefariousdro 2/2/13
That's cool! I bet you and Chapel could have a fun conversation about geometry and design :)
 Emma  2/2/13
We haven't seen you in a while have we.
blaidd gwael 2/3/13
Yeah, I tend to disappear for sometimes extended periods. Working full-time plus more hobbies/interests than I can possibly find time to indulge. Right now I'm contemplating a new costume for this summer's renaissance-festival season. My projects often take months to do, so I'll likely disappear again!
Nefarious Dr O 2/4/13
Haha, I may not be working, yet (if you don't count college), but I can understand the innumerable hobbies and interests. Good to see you back for now though.
blaidd gwael 2/4/13
I appreciate your disapproval of stereotypes. I despise stereotypes about girls specifically, as I am one, but I find pink, makeup, malls, and gossip disgusting.
Clockwork Wombat 2/2/13
You rock clockwork wombat!!!!
Trix 2/2/13
Oh yeah, Clockwork Wombat! I don't like those things very much (except for malls if they have bookstores, GameStops, and cool t-shirt stores) I really hate it when people stereotype girls, for example, Lego Friends. Not all girls enjoy pink, gossiping, beauty salons, and stuff like that. My favorite color is blue, and I enjoy reading, video games, rock climbing, and TV. I hate stereotypes T_T
Kirbiti 2/2/13
Now I can see your point Miss C. Wombat, but having seen enough in my life, I can safely say stereotypes exist for a reason. -_-;;;

just what IS your favorite color then Miss C. Wombat? I know this might be odd that i am about to say this, but do not discard the usefulness makeup can give to women. obsession is not needed, but the right amount can make a big diffrience in things. oh, is it malls, or is it shopping you don't like Miss C. Wombat?

as to gossip... well, adding to it isn't always good. But a wise man (or woman) hears all, but speaks little.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/2/13
I'd rather avoid a discussion of makeup and its usefulness or non-usefulness. But, I will concede that from the position of the average male, makeup is useful in that it allows women who do not naturally match the societal standard of ideal beauty to make their looks close match that ideal.

On the other hand its rather unneeded in the grand scheme of things and has no effect on a woman's ability to live or function. It's only actual purpose is a function that "benefits" others and not the user.
blaidd gwael 2/4/13
(arches eyebrow) In my career, i have worked as both an employer and employee. I have observed in many times that APPEARANCES MATTERS! to women, makeup is just a part of her appearance. If two young men came up to me and asked for a job i needed done, they both had the same exprience and skills, but one as well dressed and groomed, while the other was in rapper wear with a ball cap on backwards and not well groomed. guess who i would hire?

the one who dressed well and appears well, that's who. like it or not, that is how it is. a woman's makeup may or may not become the factor that wins her a job, seals a deal, or change that one person's thoughts the way she wants. but it is more often than not that it IS a factor.

From someone who has been hired and fired AS WELL as someone who has hired and fired people, i just wanted to pass a bit of exprience on.

just don't ask me how women put makeup on, i have no idea.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/5/13
Reading Emma's note I realized I'm just a big jumbled mess of different things pretty much every type you can think of I'm part of and I like it like that I'm my own special and weird person.
CrazyChick 2/3/13
Yes, that's exactly my point -- that's how I'd like Chapel to come across, too!
 Emma  2/3/13
Stereotypes about girls aren't good, because clearly ALL girls don't like pink, malls, and makeup. But you also can't be prejudiced against those girls who DO like those things, because it's their choice.
 Emma  2/2/13
Yeah, I don't hate who like those things. I prefer to make friends with people who like the same things as me, but I have friends who like those things. I just DON'T like it when people assume that all girls like those things.
Kirbiti 2/3/13
Hilarious as always. I love the name of the shop she's in. "Gallifrey Espresso?" Wonderful. I also love the "Torchwood Nightclub" but can't remember Harmony (though it sounds very familiar). Is it another Doctor Who reference?
Max_Writer 2/1/13
I'm so happy you like it, thank you for the compliments!! Harmony isn't a reference -- it's a frozen yogurt store in my hometown.
 Emma  2/1/13
i do belive gallifrey had a captured black hole that was used a s a fueling station for tardis it was called the eye of harmony if i remember correctly
darlec 2/1/13
If that was in one of the most recent episodes, then I wouldn't know about it...
 Emma  2/1/13
you need to watch the new episodes Miss Emma, when you can that is.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/2/13
The Eye of Harmony is from the old Doctor Who, not the new stuff. It hasn't really been important in the Eccelston and Tennant eras.

It's a captured black hole which is connected to every single TARDIS everywhere. Each TARDIS also has it's own Eye of Harmony inside it (that's probably the same "Heart of the TARDIS" that Rose looked into)
With the one of Gallifrey and the one inside the TARDIS itself the two make a make a duel cardiovascular system like a Time Lord's two hearts.

The Doctor's TARDIS however runs of a different power supply because Gallifrey is destroyed. This is the Rift Energy that he gets from Cardiff. It's supposedly the reason why teh 10th Doctors interior was so trashy-looking in comparison to the other Doctors. His TARDIS was made in a hurry.
Stikibunn 2/8/13
Oh yeah! I think I know that place-even though I don't go very often
Miss L.S.P 2/2/13
Ha! Math used to e my favorite subject, but now eh, not so much
Miss L.S.P 2/1/13
I don't like math but I'm good at it so I don't mind doing so much
CrazyChick 2/1/13
I used to hate math with a burning passion, but my math teacher for the past two years has taught it so wonderfully, that now I like it a lot more than I used to!
 Emma  2/1/13
Math just used to be something that I found easy and fun out if all subjects because I didn't like anything else I think I've settled on social studies
Miss L.S.P 2/1/13
I like social studies! I'm sure Chapel would as well...
 Emma  2/1/13
I actually love math. What I don't like so much is science, though that may have something to do with the fact that in science, if you have even half a detail wrong on an assignment, my science teacher marks you down. :(
Clockwork Wombat 2/2/13
add arms and legs and you got yourself a giant mech
Yarin 2/1/13
(tilts head) it looks like it already has them. it looks like it's sitting in the lotus position.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/1/13
 Emma  2/1/13
With it's arms in a praying position. And it's head has spiky ears/antennae
Tibsie 2/1/13
I hadn't even noticed the pattern I drew for this comic looked like a mech...

Maybe Chapel drew it that way on purpose!
 Emma  2/1/13
(blinks) i swear chapel's unknowingly drawing a cyberman there in the 4th panel.

I still remember taking advanced trig way back in school and doing rather good in it. Now, after all these years later, I can barely remember it all. I think I can still work the numbers, however I KNOW i have gotten rusty at it.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/1/13
It's only natural to get rusty at all those formulas, since unless you're a mathematician, you might not remember them out of the classroom.
 Emma  2/1/13
Clockwork Wombat 2/2/13
Cybermen = awesome. Daleks = awesomer.
Clockwork Wombat 2/2/13
....and the Doctor is awesomest of the three XD
blaidd gwael 2/3/13
Heh - I used to create forms like that when I was Chapel's age, a long time ago... not that elaborate, of course :)

Just wanted to say how much my daughter and I both enjoy these strips!
Erik 2/1/13
I'm SO happy you and your daughter enjoy these comics! It always warms my heart to hear about whole families reading Chapel.
 Emma  2/1/13
Congratulations Miss Emma! Chapel Chronicles just got (in my book anyway) "fun for the whole family!" tag in my book. ;-)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 2/1/13
Well, kids have been reading Chapel for ages...last year a 5-year-old had a Chapel-themed birthday party!
 Emma  2/1/13
seriously? that is awesome. I doubt there will be any Frank & Dave & Meg & Tara (my webcomic) parties anytime soon... (sigh)
Clockwork Wombat 2/2/13
Oh! So that's the name of your webcomic! I just looked it up! Pretty nice!
Miss L.S.P 2/2/13
Clockwork womba your comic is pretty cute. Don't be pestimistic be optimistic
Trix 2/2/13
Trix 2/2/13
Gallifrey Espresso, and a Torchwood nightclub... And I found them before I even read the author's note... This is what my parents get for naming me after a companion.
I found them too :) Which companion are you named after?
CrazyChick 2/1/13
Good job on you finding them, too!
 Emma  2/1/13
Wow, great eye! I thought I'd hidden "Torchwood Nightclub" pretty well, but I should never underestimate the Chapel-ites!
 Emma  2/1/13
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