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Do you remember in what comic Barnaby’s bedroom first appeared? Without checking, tell me which one, and the first person to guess correctly can win a free Season Three minicomic!! It’s on the honor system.

One Piece (which Chapel’s peddling in this comic) is the best-selling manga worldwide. It’s been serialized weekly for 15 years and is only about ½ of the way through its projected storyline! It has an ongoing anime adaptation, 10+ movies, 65+ book volumes, a museum exhibit about it, a video game, and SO much merchandise that there’s even toilet paper themed after the characters. Go check it out!

I like to imagine that in the third panel, Barnaby is about to bop Chapel with his foot. She did pop out of nowhere while he was reading in his own bedroom, so I think it’s deserved. Maybe just a soft foot tap…
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