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And here it is – the launch of Season Four! To celebrate both this new beginning and the ending of the Gaga Concert arc, I drew a super-long strip with an entire extra row of panels!

I wanted to leave the actual concert part of this an enigma, because some things are better left for the reader to imagine – once they’re revealed in the story concretely they lose a little bit of their sparkle. I also wanted to show how even though Barnaby’s just a hospital intern, he immediately rushes to Chapel’s aid when she begins fainting. Lastly, I chose to have Chapel asleep in the family car at the end because as most of us know, kids tend to fall asleep after a day of excitement!
OMG! Emma that was really good. I love how she sees everything in a blur! And the foto of her with Lady GaGa is so cute! Keep it up!
Izzy 9/22/13
Thank you!! I think this strip turned out nicely.
 Emma  9/26/13
Like Chapel, I would be SOOOOOOOO excited to meet my favorite celebrity (Taylor Swift). I'd die. And, I'd sing all her songs that I know on the way to the concert.
ilovepie81 2/27/13
That would be so great! My favorite singer is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and I'd just about die to meet her.
 Emma  3/8/13
HarrypotterPWNS all (probably didn't type it right) kinda disappeared again! Wonder where she is....
Miss L.S.P 1/8/13
good point. i haven't seen her post in awhile.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/9/13
I miss her, I hope she comes back to read Chapel soon. :(
 Emma  3/8/13
That is so sweet! How great for chapel!! (Not that I like lady gaga ;) )
Ginny Weasley fan 1/8/13
Well, it definitely matters to Chapel to meet her!
 Emma  3/8/13
Oh! Sorry! Of course it does!
Ginny Weasley fan 4/24/13
Do you like one direction
1D 1/8/13
emmas friend mickey 1/8/13
Mickey you are putting words in my mouth oh my god!
 Emma  1/8/13
Oh wait Mickey has just informed me she was answering this for herself, never mind.
 Emma  1/8/13
I was wondering about that. but that explains a lot.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/8/13
I hear their songs a lot and they're super catchy, but I've only listened to a few of them...So I wouldn't say I'm a big fan or anything!
 Emma  1/8/13
Ginny Weasley fan 1/8/13
I don't mind them if a song comes on I'll sing and dance along but I don't love them, my sister on the other hand hates them with all her heart.
CrazyChick 1/8/13
Yeah, I'm not a super huge fan, but I do like some of their songs!
Miss L.S.P 1/8/13
My friend is obsessed with them... she gets kind of crazy sometimes. I'm not a big fan. Then again... my grade is weird!
drawer/reader/violinist 1/9/13
I'm a drawer/ reader/ violist!!
Violas are super cool and also amazing! But violins are okay too.
Julia 1/10/13
Aww, how adorable. I thought for a moment I was going to be disappointed, but the photo at the end show us all we need to see. C:
Emily14 1/7/13
I'm glad you weren't disappointed! I was afraid some people might mind the open-endedness of the concert, but as I explained in the commentary I thought it was better choice to leave it up to the reader's interpretation...
 Emma  1/8/13
The comic keeps being surprisingly brilliant, hooray!

Have you actually gone to a Lady Gaga concert?
Lieu, but not. 1/6/13
Wow, thank you so much!!! I'm really happy you like the direction I'm taking the comic.

No, I have never been to a Lady Gaga concert -- I'm not even a huge fan of her music! People often ask me this because they think Chapel is meant to be my alter ego of sorts, but she's not, and her daily adventures are super different from mine!

I have seen two bands in concert though, "Vampire Weekend" and "Los Campesinos!"
 Emma  1/6/13
Oooh, I went to a Vampire Weekend concert too. They´re good.
Lieu, but not. 1/10/13
I just discovered this comic and was immediately taken by the professionalism of the artwork, layouts, scripting, plotting and dialogue. For a person your age this strip is a singularly impressive accomplishment. I envision a bright future for you in the cartooning and writing fields.

Keep on Creatin'. ;-)

XMinusOne 1/6/13
Wow, this is such a wonderful compliment! I'm so glad you enjoy the comic and I really hope you keep reading it as I progress into Season Four -- there's a new comic every Friday, so make sure to check back.

Thank you again for your super-kind words!!
 Emma  1/6/13
Is season 3 for sale now
dawnflower8 1/6/13
No, not yet. I'm not sure when I'll get a book together of Season Three, as I just finished re-designing the seasons one + two collection and each book actually requires a lot of work to lay out. I'll let you know when it's up for sale, though!
 Emma  1/6/13
I don't mean to be rude or an artist critic or whatever, but wouldn't Chapel have a peaceful look on her face when she's sleeping and not a happy look? Like, eyes in a bowl curve(it curves downwards then back up, like a bowl) and mouth maybe slightly open in a more frowning position?

Sorry, I really am no artist expert, but I didn't know she was sleeping until I read the description. . .

*probably hated now*
Rizzle 1/6/13
In the picture, I wanted to draw it as if she was just dozing off -- so she's technically still awake, not into the depths of sleep yet when her expression would revert to the one you're describing. I wanted to do this to show how happy she was! I actually drafted a version where she was fully asleep with the appropriate expression and even a little drool, but decided it didn't convey what she was feeling and changed it so that she was just about to slip off into sleep -- which would allow me to show her smiling!
 Emma  1/6/13
Ah, okay! That makes sense. And I'm glad that I wasn't being rude or anything. ^^ you guys are so nice. I usually feel like I'm walking on broken glass barefoot when I talk about little mistakes in art or drawing or even grammar.
Rizzle 1/6/13
No, that's totally fine! I'm a SUPER nitpicker myself, so I understand the urge. Back in elementary school, I used to get in trouble for pointing out my classmates' spelling mistakes all the time!
 Emma  1/8/13
Haters are checked at the door Rizzle, so don't worry your head over pointing out things that need to be pointed out. I do the same thing myself so don't fret over it. Besides, it does help Miss Emma get better at her job in the long run.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/6/13
I'm actually glad he mentioned it because then I could describe my deliberate reasons for drawing that panel the way I did! Don't apologize for nitpicking, you guys -- I look over and edit my comics countless times but I'm sure there's always some things I miss!
 Emma  1/6/13
That's good to hear. ^-^ thank you for understanding.
Rizzle 1/6/13
I can sort of sense the happiness that is oozing out of Chapel in panel 5! Awesome end :)
Clockwork Wombat 1/5/13
I'm so glad you like it -- I definitely wanted to capture that very same aura of happiness! Thank you!
 Emma  1/6/13
Myslef I'm surprised they let rupurt in... lol most concerts don't allow pets.

So happy she finally got to meet Gaga that was so cool Cant wait to see what is coming up next.
Tae 1/5/13
I'm sure if they tried to send Rupert out, Chapel would find a way to sneak him in under her enormous hair....

I'm so glad you're happy about this arc in the comic! I hope you'll keep reading and that you'll enjoy everything I have planned for Season Four!
 Emma  1/5/13
fainting seems to run in Chapel's family doesn't it? i hope she'll get that look into just to be safe.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/4/13
Yes, she'll be fine! And I'm surprised you remembered the fainting incident, as it was all the way back in the beginning of Season Two...
 Emma  1/4/13
i still have a good memory Miss Emma.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/5/13
I wasn't implying you didn't -- but there's so much detail in the Chapel stories that I sometimes have trouble keeping everything in line myself!!
 Emma  1/6/13
I'll try my best to remind you Miss Emma if you forget in that case. ;-)
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/6/13
Aww, this is so awesome!
Miss L.S.P 1/4/13
Thank you so much -- I'm really pleased you like it!
 Emma  1/4/13
Of course! Every one!
Miss L.S.P 1/5/13
Ha ha! Thanks as always for your lovely words!!
 Emma  1/6/13
Woah!! Theres like 7 boxs instead of 4, also I liked barnaby talking to rupert .
CrazyChick 1/4/13
Yes, there are a lot more panels than usual!!! And I'm glad you liked it. I don't often show Barnaby and Rupert's camaraderie, so I'm happy I could have it in this comic.
 Emma  1/4/13
Ha! Glad everything worked out fine.
I didn't know what Lady Gaga sounded like until recently, when the song "Poker Face" came on the radio... I had only ever heard it sung South Park style by Cartman before.

Of course, I hate when anything popular culture related comes up while playing Cranium, as a whole lot of songs I am supposed to hum, I have no idea what they are (TV shows too! I know nothing of American Idol!). It comes from not having listened to the radio in about 14 years.
Miles 1/4/13
Bah! i feel that grunge rock killed off any good main stream pop / rock.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/4/13
"Grunge rock"?
 Emma  1/4/13
......man I AM getting too old, or you're too young to remember it Miss Emma. Grunge rock really took off with "Nirvana" and the like. they made much of the rock music made in the 90's.
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 1/5/13
Ginny Weasley fan 1/8/13
I have the same problem!
Julia 1/4/13
Ha ha -- it seems like it's shared by many of Chapel's readers!!
 Emma  1/4/13
I don't listen to the radio very often, either, but I have friends who keep up with it so I hear about it through them!! And I don't watch much TV either (I don't have time) so I don't understand some references...
 Emma  1/4/13
Me either. I watch tv plenty enough, but I don't watch the shows that he's referring to....
Miss L.S.P 1/6/13
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