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I like classic rock, and my mom and most of my friends like pop and Lady Gaga. Unlike Chapel, I haven’t been completely converted, and don’t plan to be.
I totally get this. My record player is my second most prized possession after my actual records, and my mom listens to *annoyed*Kiss FM.
GBGamer 7/2/12 reply
How come Chapel loves Lady Gaga?
1/9/12 reply
She just does! :D
1/9/12 reply
Emilie Autumn FTW
maldar 12/8/11 reply
is that chapel's mom or dad talking?
11/22/11 reply
No, it's her friend Sophie. She'll get a proper introduction soon, don't worry!
11/22/11 reply
I have said before both Sarah Brightman, and Nightwish make great music. Try out Original Sound Tracts (or just OST) of Movies and TV shows. i suggest "Game of Thrones" OST (season 1) to start with. If you just want to really rock out, try out "Dropkick Murphys". btw, what does your dad listen too then?
Dr. Taxil Necrobane 11/7/11 reply
I listen to quite a few OSTs actually. Some of my favorites for working are the Doctor Who and Coraline OSTs. I'll check out the Game of Thrones one definitely (I've actually been meaning to try watching the series itself soon). My dad listens to Girl Talk, De la Soul, Beastie Boys, Dead Kennedys, 2 Many DJs, and a lot of college radio. I tend more towards the classic-rock and indie spectrum (as I'm not a rap/remix fan) but we have a lot of favorite songs in common.
11/7/11 reply
OST's are brilliant. I have mostly video game music in my "Generic MP3 Player" but I also enjoy the Doctor Who soundtrack (I love Murry Gold's work) The moment the protaginist's theme starts up in any show I get all happy... things are about to go down.
Stikibunn 11/9/11 reply
I don't play video games so I don't have any of that music! But Murray Gold is the best. Right now I'm really looking forward to the soundtrack for BBC Sherlock to come out, it's got some great classical pieces!
11/9/11 reply
I don't play video games either except for Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and other JRPGS. I like Fallout though because I like the whole post apocolyptic cold war thing. if your reason for not playing them is the same as Chapels (you suck and they aren't fun) Don't care about it. I'm the worst player in the world because I don't actually own a console. The best part of gaming is becoming something you're not in the real world though which is something you're still young enough to do on your own.... I wish I could do that now *sighs*
11/11/11 reply
8/14/11 reply
10/16/11 reply
(continued from last comment)
I'm a traitor! NUUU!
8/6/11 reply
Just dance, it'll be okay, blah blah blah...
Wait, that song is written by Lady Gaga?
I'm a traitor! NUUU!
8/6/11 reply
Her songs are insanely catchy even when you don't particularly like them! (says the hardcore Beatles fan)
10/16/11 reply
Once i had the exact song chapel was listening to stuck in my head for 2 days straight. OH THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/4/11 reply
I know, it gets stuck in your head even if you hate it!
11/4/11 reply
best comic ever
6/15/11 reply
Thank you! I try to make the Chapel strips the best they can be, and it's great to know that people think I'm succeeding!
10/16/11 reply
You ARE succeeding!
11/4/11 reply
Awww, thank you!
11/4/11 reply
Did you make a Christmas strip yet?
12/18/11 reply
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