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Board games are generally regarded as battles to the death in my household.
Lol, board games!

My family and me used to play all the time when we were kids....

Wish I can convince em to go back to playing board games with me, but mum and nanny prefer the TV.

Oh well.
DarkwingLady 3/18/16
Haha: that hat is lovely! I also like her old-woman spectacles (i.e., not aligned with her eyes at all!).
Sahir. 9/27/13
Ha ha, yes -- they're very far down her nose!
 Emma  11/7/13
I loved the last drawing! I love the whole thing!
Thank you!! I'm so happy you like it!
 Emma  7/27/13
Three things to say:

1. Cookies taste much better when doing homework

2. Chapel's left arm is missing in the first panel.

3. I love the last drawing!
LOLcat 5/14/13
It's not missing, i just used to draw it in a way that it kind of disappeared when it wasn't being lifted. Weird, I know! But I'm glad you like the comic all the same!
 Emma  5/14/13
I've read all of the comics and Chapel looks SOOOOO different in this one!!!
ilovepie81 4/12/13
Well, it was the first comic, which I drew two years ago...so it makes sense that she'd look a little different!
 Emma  4/12/13
how old is chapel at this point in the comic? I'm trying to decide n whether she is my past or my future because it is just crrreeeepyyyyyyy how similar chapel is to me i mean seriously make her love owls and her character would be me right down to the appearance
rowan rhed 3/8/13
Chapel's 11 years old for the whole span of the comic, although it's never directly mentioned! And as for owls...she already loves hedgehogs, so I'm not sure another animal would replace that!
 Emma  3/8/13
ah so shes my past and who dosent love hegehogs theyre absolutely adorible
rowan rhed 3/10/13
Board games between my dad and my sister are kinda like battles, but the only board game I ever play is Pandemic, so not really with me.
Clockwork Wombat 10/11/12
I've never heard of Pandemic!
 Emma  3/8/13
can you pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase make more chapel chronicals, that would be heaven!!!! THANK YOU EMMA!!!!
LaLa 10/4/12
There ARE lots more! This is only comic #1! There are 83 more comics so far and there is a new one every Friday!
 Emma  10/4/12
lala 12/21/12
Love chapel's hair!!!!!
Ginny Weasley fan 11/4/11
I really like it too! Poofy hair is the best to draw, and I wish I was a redhead like Chapel!
 Emma  11/4/11
me too.....
Ginny Weasley fan 11/5/11
Chapel, honey . . .Hmm? Ive got to get back to the office and your moms busy at the clinic, so . . . Honey? Uh, oh, somethings up. Yeah? . . . my pal Freds gonna babysit you. You met him at Poker Night. Hey, Chapel, its Fred, I brought board games. No need, I can entertain myself. I see . . . So you dare challenge Chapel Smith, fastest gun in the West.
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