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Way back in Season One, I decided Chapel should play squash, not because I play it, but because it stresses the same attributes Chapel places importance on herself. Squash places a huge emphasis on tactical strategy and the ability to think on your feet, so much so that it’s described as “turbo-powered chess.” We know from Chapel’s board game battles with Fred that Chapel is good at strategizing and quick thinking which makes squash the perfect sport for her. I also wanted to show that someone like Chapel (who’s not very athletic) can enjoy and be good at her sport of choice - at least when she repeats her Gaga mantra to help her focus!

When I need an extra jolt of motivation, my song mantra is “Shut Up and Explode” by the Boom Boom Satellites. My mom’s song mantra is “Gonna Fly Now” from the movie Rocky and I’ve named this strip for her. While I never get tired of my song, my mom saves her song for very special occasions (like LSATs and bar exams) so it doesn’t lose its “running up the steps to the Art Museum” effect.
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