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Chapel often engages in flights of fancy, like imagining herself to be Sir Lancelot while she plays (and loses) chess with Fred, only to find reality sometimes brings her down to earth. I wanted to showcase the reverse scenario, however unrealistic the hat’s transformation might be. For example, you fear losing your wings and flying too close to the sun but you end up touching a star! Spoiler alert: I left the strip ambiguous as to how the hat became beautiful overnight, but I like imagining Barnaby sneaking in during the night and fixing the hat himself to encourage Chapel to try again, earning his big brother badge!

Princess Jellyfish is a manga I read recently and wanted to include in this strip. I chose it not because it’s a great comic, but because one of the storylines involves the heroine realizing her talent for designing clothes (despite all odds, as she is frumpy and not a fashionista at all). The book in this strip is entitled “FROM THE NECK UP: An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking.” I have it but have never tried millinery. Yet.
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