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Whenever my best friend comes over, I play Battleship with her, and this is what I envision happening whenever she sinks one of my ships.
how can fred be so GOOD at board games???? I usually lose within 15 minuets!
12/3/11 reply
same here
1/8/12 reply
emma you're great at writing! :D :D funny. also i love your art--i get it through stone soup. i need advice on starting a story!
11/13/11 reply
For starting a story, you should just observe things you see around you and write it down. That's what I do! And thanks! :D
11/14/11 reply
okay, thanks a lot!
drooling (not really, but...)
11/14/11 reply
Ha ha! You can email me by clicking "Contact Us" below if you want some more detailed tips.
11/14/11 reply
um, yeah...i don't exactly have my own e-mail, though.
11/15/11 reply
Enemy ship approaching at 3 oclock! All men to deck! Ready the cannons! Its a patrol boat, should only take 2 shots to sink it! CRAP! They got to us! BOOM BOOM BOOM Hit, and . . SUNK! Sorry Chapel I guess I win again. My submarine.
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