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Hello! Welcome to this ten-part Anniversary Extravaganza!!! It’s been six years since I last created a Chapel comic – can you believe 2015 was six years ago? I certainly can’t. But, more importantly, it’s been TEN YEARS since I first started posting Chapel comics online.

When I first made them, I had just turned 14 years old. Today is my birthday, and I’m 24 today!

This set of anniversary strips is my birthday gift, in a strange way. Don’t ask me how that makes sense. It just does. So, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the comic that changed my life, I present to you ten new installments of The Chapel Chronicles.

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I love this. I've missed Chapel so much.
Andy 2/13/21 reply
Thank you! Honestly, so have I. Making these was like visiting an old friend.
2/16/21 reply
wow!! glad to have you back. i remember finding you in your stone soup days when you were just a little older than me and i thought you were so cool! still do, guess that’s why i’m here! can’t wait to catch up with chapel in these new strips. happy birthday emma, thanks for being an inspiration for so many young artists.
2/13/21 reply
Wow!!! Stone Soup was so long ago - I'm so proud of that work, thank you for thinking I'm cool (I can guarantee most of my life is decidedly un-cool and just consists of drawing, making clothes, and being comfy under blankets.) This is such a beautiful compliment and you've made me so happy! If you want, I'm much chattier on Twitter and I'd love to talk with you more!
2/16/21 reply
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