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Hi, Chapel readers! I want to thank everyone who has been commenting wondering where I was. I hope you’ll forgive me not posting – I was very, very sick for many months with a life-threatening lung condition that is still mysterious to all my doctors. I was in the ICU and on life support for quite a while, and it was very touch-and-go. I didn’t want to talk about it on here very much because we weren’t sure if or when I would get better, and I didn’t want to scare any of you! But please know that I am a LOT better now. If you want to read more details about my health issues, I made a detailed post yesterday on the Chapel Chronicles facebook page. (You don’t need a Facebook account to read it!) You can get to it by clicking the Facebook link above – but please note that for some of you who have been following my work forever, it might be a bit disturbing to read about such serious health issues!

Now, onto the main topic of this post! As you can tell from the picture above, I am starting a new comic called “The League of Fonts.” I have actually been working on this comic for years simultaneously with Chapel, and I always knew that at some point I would take a break from Chapel to focus on League. Now, that time has come! League of Fonts is a comic about humanized fonts. It’s a bit different from Chapel in that it’s one continuous story instead of individual comic strips, and the pages are a lot more detailed – I’ve really worked incredibly hard to make them the best art I can draw. But in terms of the humor and characters, it’s VERY similar to Chapel, and it’s great for all ages – so I think anyone who has loved Chapel throughout the years will love League of Fonts, too.

This doesn’t mean I’m completely ending Chapel. I’m sure I’ll come back and draw more strips someday, but I’ve been drawing Chapel since I was 14, and I’m really excited to get to work on a new story after so long! I know a lot of you love Chapel and check back in all the time, but I hope you’ll give League of Fonts a try, too.

You can check out the website at And check in on Wednesday, January 20th (yes, this Wednesday!) when I’ll be posting a massive 6-page update to kick off the comic!
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check out Emma T Capps new web comic SUNNY, The League of Fonts THE LEAGUE OF FONTS is where typefaces are born. Every time a font is created in the world, it manifests as a living, breathing, Font – human for all intents and purposes, but unable to age or die unless their typeface falls into disuse. They live together on the League of Fonts, which serves as a secret island hub, bustling corporation, and home. It’s a world full of its own internal intrigues like any office, and Times New Roman is its powerful CEO. He’s got a lot on his plate lately: planning the League’s famous Decennial party, struggling with modern technology, and hiding his embarrassing addiction to the Twilight movies. Times New Roman is confident he can keep everything under control…but what’s an old font to do when a young boy named Louis Pepping accidentally stumbles onto the secrets of the League? Find out every Wednesday!