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After this comic, there are only two strips left in Season Four! I personally think that I’m hitting my stride with Season Four and I hope to improve even more in Season Five. I’ve been setting up the gag of this comic for 10 months (ever since the strip called “The Flying Dervish”) by subtly putting the Frisbee into the tree when it’s shown. I purposefully broke my 4-panel grid in this comic in order to show a little bit more of the action with the Frisbee.

And, I have some fun news! Saturday, August 10, I’m going to do a Chapel livestream. For those unfamiliar with livestreams, you get to see a live video broadcast of my computer screen as I digitally color a Chapel comic, and you can ask me questions and I’ll answer them via a live chat function. It’s a lot of fun! The livestream will begin here at 12:00 noon, PST (3pm EST), and will continue for at least one hour, so mark your calendars. Hope to see you tomorrow!
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