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Season One
  Chapel intro sm
Meet Chapel Smith
February, 2011
G1 s1 sm
The Babysitter Arrives
March 4, 2011
G1 s2 sm G1 s3 sm
Jam Session
March 18, 2011
G1 s4 sm
Triple Word Score
March 25, 2011
  G1 s5 sm G1 s6 sm
The Folly of Chivalry
April 8, 2011
G1 s7 sm
Chapel The Conqueror
April 15, 2011
G2 s1 sm
Operation Clean Room
April 22, 2011
G2 s2 sm
Dumbledore Voodoo
April 29, 2011
  G2 s3 sm
Ultra Concentrated
May 6, 2011
G2 s4 sm
We Meet Again
May 13, 2011
G2 s5 sm
Work Schedule
May 20, 2011
G2 s6 sm G2 s7 sm
  G3 s1 sm
Miss Reluctant
June 10, 2011
G3 s2 sm
Google Epiphany
June 17, 2011
G3 s3 sm
Lobster Delivery
June 24, 2011
G3 s4 sm
Phone Call
July 1, 2011
G3 s5 sm
Gaga Dress Code
July 8, 2011
  G3 s6 sm G3 s7 sm
Airspace Wars
July 22, 2011
G4 s1 sm
Vive la Persistance
July 29, 2011
G4 s2 sm
Chapel Guevara
August 5, 2011
G4 s3 sm
Love at First Prickle
August 12, 2011
  G4 s4 sm
Change of Heart
August 19, 2011
G4 s5 sm
DVD Collection
August 26, 2011
G4 s6 sm
Hedgehog Constitutional
September 2, 2011
G4 s7 1 sm G4 s7 2 sm
  G4 s7 3 sm G4 s7 4 sm
Season Two
  G5 s1 sm
Waiting for Buffy
October 7, 2011
G5 s2 sm
Whedon Addiction
October 13, 2011
G5 s3 sm
Jenga War Strategy
October 20, 2011
G5 s4 sm
Chapel’s Costume Conundrum
October 27, 2011
G5 s5 sm
Dental Woes
November 4, 2011
  G5 s6 sm
Fetch the Smelling Salts!
November 11, 2011
G5 s7 sm
A Chobits Catastrophe
November 18, 2011
G5 s8 sm
Know When To Hold ‘Em
November 25, 2011
G5 s9 sm
Know When To Fold ‘Em
December 2, 2011
G5 s10 sm
Doing the Dishes, Part I
December 9, 2011
  G5 s11 sm
Doing the Dishes, Part II
December 16, 2011
G5 s12 sm
A Very Chapel Christmas
December 23, 2011
G5 s13 sm
Doing the Dishes, Part III
December 30, 2011
G5 s14 sm
Doing the Dishes, Part IV
January 6, 2012
G5 s15 sm
Haus of Gaga
January 13, 2012
  G5 s16 sm
The Essence of Air Guitar
January 20, 2012
G5 s17 sm
Bond, Chapel Bond
January 27, 2012
G5 s18 sm
Dr. Smith’s Sneak Attack
February 3, 2012
G5 s19 sm
Chapel Cupid
February 10, 2012
G5 s20 sm
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
February 17, 2012
  G5 s21 sm G5 s22 sm G5 s23 sm
The Zeal of Thrifting
March 9, 2012
G5 s24 sm
Humidity Horror Story
March 16, 2012
G5 s25 sm
Snorkeling Snafu
March 23, 2012
  G5 s26 sm
Supermarket Simpletons
March 30, 2012
G5 s27 sm
Woes of Easter Bunnies
April 6, 2012
G5 s28 sm
Headwear Intervention
April 13, 2012
G5 s29 sm
Imagination Follies
April 20, 2012
G5 s30 sm
The Dangling Conversation
April 27, 2012
  G5 s31 sm
The Plot Thickens
May 4, 2012
G5 s32 sm
Barnaby, Home At Last
May 11, 2012
Season Three
  G6 s1 sm
Platonic Ideals
May 18, 2012
G6 s2 sm
Treacy Bribery
May 25, 2012
G6 s3 sm
Forgive and Forget
June 1, 2012
G6 s4 sm G6 s5 sm
Superhero of Scrubs
June 15, 2012
  G6 s6 sm
Superhero of Self
June 22, 2012
G6 s7 sm
Lark Rise to Catan
June 29, 2012
G6 s8 sm
Happy July 4th
July 4, 2012
G6 s9 sm
The Pattern Continues
July 6, 2012
G6 s10 sm
  G6 s11 sm
Good Ol’ Chapel Brown
July 18, 2012
G6 s12 sm
Hedgehog Hairbrush
July 20, 2012
G6 s13 sm
Act Your Age
July 27, 2012
G6 s14 sm
Hedgie Night Fever
August 3, 2012
G6 s15 sm
Motivation Station
August 10, 2012
  G6 s16 sm
Motivation Station Part 2
August 17, 2012
G6 s17 sm
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
August 21, 2012
G6 s18 sm
Movie Deal Mania
August 24, 2012
G6 s19 sm
Dickensian Discovery
August 31, 2012
G6 s20 sm
Faire Family
September 7, 2012
  G6 s21 sm
Rupert Leads the Life Of Riley
September 14, 2012
G6 s22 sm
Campers’ Clash
September 21, 2012
G6 s23 sm
Campfire Chic
September 28, 2012
G6 s24 sm
Scenery and Starvation?
October 5, 2012
G6 s25 sm
The Flying Dervish
October 12, 2012
  G6 s26 sm
Diamond in the Rough
October 19, 2012
G6 s27 sm
How to Be a Recipe-Breaker
October 26, 2012
G6 s28 sm
Gonna Fly Now
November 2, 2012
G6 s29 sm
Move Over, Honey Badger
November 9, 2012
G6 s30 sm
Daydreaming at the Palace
November 16, 2012
  G6 s31 sm
Buried in Paperwork
November 23, 2012
G6 s32 sm
The Importance of Good Aim
November 30, 2012
G6 s33 sm
Gaga Luvr
December 7, 2012
G6 s34 sm
V.I.P. Entrance
December 14, 2012
G6 s35 sm
List of Christmas Past
December 21, 2012
  G6 s36 sm
New Years in Photos
December 28, 2012
Season Four
  G7 s1 sm
January 4, 2013
G7 s2 sm
January 11, 2013
G7 s3 sm
Hedgehog Ennui
January 18, 2013
G7 s4 sm
The Hard Sell
January 25, 2013
G7 s5 sm
An All-or-Nothing Problem
February 1, 2013
  G7 s6 sm
Walk the Plank
February 8, 2013
G7 s7 sm
Finale Blues
February 15, 2013
G7 s8 sm
Picture Day
February 22, 2013
G7 s9 sm G7 s10 sm
  G7 s11 sm
Caffeinated Chapel
March 15, 2013
G7 s12 sm
Bidding War
March 22, 2013
G7 s13 sm
Books and Bowler Hats
March 29, 2013
G7 s14 sm
April 5, 2013
G7 s15 sm
Clowning Around
April 12, 2013
  G7 s16 sm
Little Black Dress
May 3, 2013
G7 s17 sm
Dad of Mystery
May 10, 2013
G7 s18 sm
Shop Til You Drop
May 17, 2013
G7 s19 sm G7 s20 sm
Le Tour de Hérisson
May 31, 2013
  G7 s21 sm
Freaky Friday
June 7, 2013
G7 s22 sm
Burning Up
June 14, 2013
G7 s23 sm
Up on Cloud Nine
June 21, 2013
G7 s24 sm
June 28, 2013
G7 s25 sm
Five Finger Discount
July 5, 2013
  G7 s26 sm
Trivial Matters
July 12, 2013
G7 s27 sm
Trinculo and the Tempest
July 19, 2013
G7 s28 sm
Home Sweet Home
July 26, 2013
G7 s29 sm
Home Makeover
August 2, 2013
G7 s30 sm
The Frisbee Strikes Back
August 9, 2013
  G7 s31 sm
The Smith Family Robinson
August 16, 2013
G7 s32 sm
Lights in the Dark
August 23, 2013
G7 s33 sm
After School Special
August 30, 2013
Season Five
  G8 s1 sm
Rude Awakening
September 6, 2013
G8 s2 sm
Treehouse Book Club
September 13, 2013
G8 s3 sm
Lady of the Flies
September 20, 2013
G8 s4 sm
Living a Good Life
September 27, 2013
G8 s5 sm
Mistaken Species
October 4, 2013
  G8 s6 sm
Hedgehog Society
October 11, 2013
G8 s7 sm
Pet Potential
October 18, 2013
G8 s8 sm
Family Focus Group
October 25, 2013
G8 s9 sm
Death of a Saleswoman
November 1, 2013
G8 s10 sm
Helicopter Owner
November 8, 2013
  G8 s11 sm G8 s13 sm
Happy Thanksgiving
November 29, 2013
G8 s14 sm
Once Upon a Fairytale
December 6, 2013
G8 s15 sm
The Neverending Story?
December 13, 2013
G8 s14
Smith Family Christmas
December 20, 2013
  G8 s16 sm
New Years Glasses
January 1, 2014
G8 s17 sm
Chapel’s Choice
January 10, 2014
G8 s18 sm
General Hospital
January 17, 2014
G8 s20 sm
Interior Decoration
January 31, 2014
G8 s21 sm
  G8 s22
Happy Valentine’s Day!
February 14, 2014
G8 s23 sm
Waiting Room Purgatory
February 21, 2014
G8 s25 sm
March 7, 2014
G8 s26 sm
Hairstyle Change
March 14, 2014
G8 s27 sm
Very Serious Adult Book
March 21, 2014
  G8 s28 sm
March 28, 2014
G8 s29 sm
Imagination Games
April 11, 2014
G8 s30 sm G8 s31 sm G8 s32 sm
Le Chapel Noir
May 2, 2014
  G8 s33 sm
May 9, 2014
G8 s34 sm G8 s35 sm
A Taste of Culture
May 23, 2014
G8 s36 sm
The Elements of Style
May 30, 2014
G8 s37 sm
Field Trip
June 6, 2014
  G8 s38 sm
Parade’s End
July 4, 2014
Season Six
  G9 s2 sm G9 s3 sm G9 s4 sm
Backseat Drivers
July 25, 2014
G9 s5 sm
Barnaby Stewart
August 1, 2014
G9 s6 sm
Slumber Party Of the Year
August 8, 2014
  G9 s7 sm
Eggs in Purgatory
August 15, 2014
G9 s8 sm
Feeling Blu
August 22, 2014
G9 s9 sm
Holiday Times!
November 14, 2014
G9 s10 sm
Understatement of the Year
November 28, 2014
G9 s11 sm
Phone Call Number 2
December 12, 2014
  G9 s12 sm
The Start of Something New
December 19, 2014
G10 s1 sm G10 s2 sm
New Chapel Comic!
July 20, 2016
G10 s3 sm
Dark Horse Presents!
November 14, 2016
Season Seven
  G11 s1 sm
Anniversary Special No. 1
February 13, 2021
G11 s2 sm
Anniversary Special No. 2
February 13, 2021
G11 s3 sm
Anniversary Special No. 3
February 13, 2021
G11 s4 sm
Anniversary Special No. 4
February 13, 2021
G11 s5 sm
Anniversary Special No. 5
February 13, 2021
  G11 s6 sm
Anniversary Special No. 6
February 13, 2021
G11 s7 sm
Anniversary Special No. 7
February 13, 2021
G11 s8 sm
Anniversary Special No. 8
February 13, 2021
G11 s9 sm
Anniversary Special No. 9
February 13, 2021
G11 s10 sm
Anniversary Special No. 10
February 13, 2021
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