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Cuánto me alegro que Chapel haya regresado. Felicitaciones y gracias por compartirlo.
Gaby 2/16/21 responder
why hello there everyone! (for those who knew me way back when, i think you’ll all agree that my nickname needed an update in light of recent events!) what a joy to return here nearly nine years (!!!) after i first started commenting to see the joy that chapel still brings. emma, you already know this, but you have been changing my life for the better since i was 12 years old, and at 22 you’re still such a joyful and inspirational presence in it. i’m so grateful to have grown up with chapel and you, and this site will forever hold a really special place in my heart. happy, happy birthday!
Harry Potter (no longer) PWNS ALL 2/14/21 responder
Nine years, wow!!! You're amazing and I'm so happy I got to know you and so many other folks through Chapel. This comment makes me so happy and I'm very glad you liked these new comics!
Emma 2/16/21 responder
I'm working on a writing project dealing with Providence. I really want to visit it someday. Thanks so much for these. They made a bad day so much better.
Andy 2/13/21 responder
I love Providence, even if I don't love the cold. If you're there anytime before summer 2023, let me know and I'll show you around!
Emma 2/16/21 responder
Auntie Oregon 2/13/21 responder
Thank you!!!
Emma 2/16/21 responder
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